A vampire can paralyze people just by looking at them.

Did Elias tell you why he wasn't here?

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There's no doubt in my mind that Gerald was the one who did it.


It's the thought that counts.


My TV has broken down.


My watch isn't working well.

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Put a tag on the pages you want copied.

These children are neglected by their parents.

Discover a new world.

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Donn asked Bucky many times to let him go home early, but she wouldn't let him.

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Why don't people say what they mean?

They have seen better days.

Would you draw me a map?


I worked on it day after day.

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This bike needs to be repaired.

I still can't believe that you forged her signature.

I promise I won't tell anyone that Stu is here.


Let the paper be signed.

What kind of fish is that?

Ask Alex.

They couldn't give Dorian a proper burial.

Marsh didn't even come close to passing today's exam.

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Renu clearly doesn't want this job.

My name is not really Samir.

I think this suit is much superior to that one in quality.

Clean your hands.

She has invited you all.


Let me tell you why that's not going to happen.

Where did you open them?

Damone is used to sleeping in a tent.

I don't have time to play games.

Shamim was a good-hearted guy.

We can hear the dog barking.

Don't ever talk to me again!

I really appreciate your offer.

The fire had spread to the next building before the firemen came.


Can't we keep this between us?

Thanks to you, I spent all my money.

This was the best day ever.

Why did you ask Sanford that question?

Aren't you a little young for this position?

In Soviet times, each government made propaganda.

The cat is watching the fish.

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Randal isn't on the baseball team.

I love coherence.

My book is prettier than my friend's.

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I'll try to get home during the holiday season.


Kristian apparently didn't want to go to Moran and John's wedding.

Masanao is a teenager.

The sunset is beautiful.


I don't think we're ready to do that yet.

Trading partners are leaning on Japan to clarify its trade policy.

The pipe shop is across the street.


The number of women who becomes mothers is small.

Tracy worked in Australia.

He is a good violinist, isn't he?

Vernon has an old bicycle that Pratapwant gave him.

You can't just make up the rules as you go along.

Devon stayed here.

It is not what you read but how you read that matters.


The old woman lends money at the rate of three percent.


Ross usually eats only two meals a day.

He could not go out because of a bad storm.

Please just leave me alone.

Tea and coffee helps to start the day.

Ima headed toward the door.


Students took the lead in the campaign against pollution.

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I will answer for his honesty.

Case found it.

Andrea became depressed after Susumu left him.

How did you become so rich?

The musical instruments and parts are all professional grade! And the prices are the lowest anywhere!

I am becoming accustomed to the severe climate here bit by bit.

How do you say that in German?

I miss my dad every day.

It's clear as water.

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I'm not related to her.


We're concerned for your safety.


I hope Olaf doesn't die.


Francis wasn't at home yesterday.

Women eat lighter meals when they're eating with a guy.

I want to see your picture.


Why is there no dinner on the table?

Which class are you in?

Waiter! I need a knife.

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Where's the nearest tube station?


Boys spend less time on homework than girls.

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Do you remember your grandfather?


She testified that she could no longer control her teenage daughter.

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The government prohibits us from carrying guns without a license.

Diana didn't come home for dinner.

I was just telling Carolyn how much we enjoyed having you here.

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I think Lindsey didn't understand what you meant.

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Rees expressed himself in good English.

He is even afraid of his own shadow.

The results of Linda's biopsy show that the tumor is benign.

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Sanjeev has done that.

Art will stay with us.

Pitawas is punctual.

Skef resigned suddenly.

How many times have I told you to fold your clothes?

I feel like I'm going mad.

Soohong sat alone at a table near the window.


Panzer is much better today than yesterday.


Get control of yourself.


That was really nice to hear.

God tries those he loves.

Archie wants to see us.

Why would I want to help them?

The teacher told Hume to be quiet.

Of course this is also possible.

Students are expected to stay away from dubious places.


My boyfriend lied to me.

I don't have a mortgage.

We can do much better.

It's clear to everybody.

Since the student has worked very hard, he is making rapid progress.

She partied with some high school friends.

Sorry, I won't do it without a rubber.


He left home at 8:00.


It never occurred to me that she was sick and in the hospital.


You would've been wrong if you'd said that.

I'm not in the mood to watch TV this evening.

We look after him.

"Hey, Zelda! What's up? "Nothing, Link." "You sure? I think you wanna kiss, huh?" "I think not."

He's a well-known person.

I said come alone.

This is big.

What was your decision to purchase our product based on?

Drop in and see us when you're next in Tokyo.

Do you want me to help you with the cooking?

We're just here to help.

What are you using for bait?

I like you, but not just because you're beautiful.


Trey isn't aggressive at all.

The workers came to ask about their pay raises.

Can't we stop fighting now?

Reading classics is not easy.

Myrick spoke in an angry tone.

Why do we need aspartame?

We've decided to paint the walls light blue.

I must go to the station at three o'clock.

I thought you should see this contract.

This is their problem.

Do you want to file a complaint?


Life can force you to make tough choices.

Two pictures overlapped.

Do you think Sofia can handle it?

Vladislav was wearing a white lab coat.

His face was full of soot.

Does this seem fair?

Have you ever tried to learn another language?

This is tasteless.

A beautiful salesgirl waited on me in the shop.


Cathryn went to get a glass of water for Ronald.