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Welcome to C & S Walking Tractors, LLC.  We are a small business specializing in walk behind tractors and compatible attachments located in Auburn, AL.  Walk behind tractors are unique and valuable machines used for a variety of tasks in many different situations.  Some of the basic operations include tilling, mowing, plowing, wood chipping, and transporting.  However, endless possibilities exist for the use of these great machines.  Below are a list of advantages compared to full size machinery:

  • One engine to maintain
  • Space/storage conservation
  • Simple to operate
  • Simple to maintain
  • Easily transported on small trailer or pickup truck
  • Health (through walking instead of riding)

We sell 2 main brands of walk behind tractors including BCS and Grillo both of which are manufactured in Italy and imported into the United States for resale.  Both brands accomplish the same thing but differences do exist and will be discussed in other parts of this website.  To get a better understanding of walk behind tractors and some of their capabilities check out the introduction video below brought to you by BCS America: