Parents Connecting With The World

Auditory-Verbal Parents in Touch Over the World

The aim of this group is build a global alliance of parents of children with hearing loss interested in Auditory-Verbal Therapy who would like to be in touch with on another to share experiences, ideas and help other parents to develop the listening and spoken language through active consistent participation of the family.


Listen Student Receives Colorado Neurological Institute’s Hope Award

Congratulation Caitlyn!

Congratulations to 7 year old Listen graduate, Caitlyn, for being selected to receive this year's Colorado Neurological Institute’s Hope Award, given to inspiring patients who show great courage and determination in the face of a neurological condition.
We are so proud of you!!

The Power to Hear & Speak

Therapy That Leads to Speaking & Hearing

Auditory –Verbal Therapy is a parent-centered approach that focuses on listening as the primary input for learning language. It promotes listening and talking with the use of hearing aids or cochlear implants so that the child can grow up in regular learning and living environments.

Music To My Ears

Can A Hearing Impaired Child Become a Musician?

Did you know that deaf children, like this one, can not only learn to listen and talk, they can learn to play musical instruments? And learning music has important benefits, even beyond imbuing a love for this form of art. Researchers have found that learning music may have unexpected benefits – like improved reading ability.


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Making Pancakes

listenfoundation3Want to find out how to make the most delicious pancakes?

Lani-Eun, a patient of Listen, guides us through a step by step tutorial in how to make pancakes.

With the help of Listen's therapist Nanette Thompson, Lani-Eun has concerned her hearing impairment and developed the the ability to hear and speak with the fluidity and ease.

Click-on the speaker icon and hear how clearly Lani-Eun speaks as she tells her pancake story. Lani-Eun is profoundly deaf and has a cochlear implant.


Hear Lani-Eun Speak Here!

Is Auditory-Verbal Therapy Right For My Child?

listenfoundation1Professor Karl White is a psychologist at Utah State University, and is nationally and internationally recognized as one of the world’s leading authorities on early identification and treatment of hearing loss.

He was recently invited to give a talk for TEDx. If you are familiar with the brilliant library of lectures at TED.com, you will know that these are high quality, engaging talks on all sorts of subjects; TEDx is an extension of that idea, and professor White’s talk is a wonderfully concise, precise and uncontroversial summary of how far we have come in the last 30 years in out ability to identify deafness in children while still in their birth hospital, in the strides made in technology for the deaf, and in early education for deaf children. The talk contains footage of Helen Keller, as well as video clips from the past and present of deaf children communicating. Please take about 15 minutes to review this talk - it really sums up what programs such as USU’s and Listen’s are all about. It is so uplifting, you may find yourself shedding a tear!


Watch His TED Talk Here

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Quality Care For Every Child

Individual Attention, Individual Success
"We are not training the ears, we are training the mind to interpret what the ears hear." ~Doreen Pollack, one of the founders of Auditory-Verbal therapy

"With the wonderful help of the Listen Foundation, our daughter progressed in a way we didn't think was possible." ~C.S., mother of a Listen client

Listen's program supports Auditory-Verbal therapy which follows some very basic and important steps, beginning with:

~Early detection of a child's hearing loss

~Early fitting of appropriate hearing aids and/or a chochlear implant

~Individualized autiory-verbal therapy

~Total family involvement



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The Principles of Auditory-Verbal Practice

1. Working toward the earliest possible identification of hearing loss in infants and young children, ideally in the newborn nursery.  Conducting an aggressive program of audiologic management.

2. Seeking the best available sources of medical treatment and technological amplification of sound for the child who is deaf or hard of hearing as early as possible.

3. Helping the child understand the meaning of any sounds heard, including spoken language, and teaching the child's parents how to make sound meaningful to the child all day long....

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