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MoneySwap started operation from the frustation that we've been paying about 2-5% to send money to freelancer developers in Bangladesh from Europe. With current technologies, movement of money should be instant, hasslefree and low fee because money doesn't move physically accross borders. We achieve efficiency by eliminating conversion, and where possible movement, of currency in cross-border money transfers.

MoneySwap is registered in the Netherlands (reg. # 70101809) but has not yet obtained a license to operate as a financial service institution. We're evaluating feasibility, both legal and financial, by operating in a very small scale while planning and preparing paperwork.

How it works

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Why choose MoneySwap

Best exchange rate

We offer the most favorable exchange rate

Instant cross border transfer

Money is deposited to destination banks instantly.


We do not store any of user's credit card or other payment credentials. All stored personal information is encrypted.