Your buildings personal assistant

Cooper is the text based sales assistant for your front office

Powered by A.I. Cooper helps your office find new leads from customers looking to lease right now, while sharing building information with potential customers

How It Works

Texting Cooper

Potential clients interact with Cooper on your Facebook page. Here, they can find more information on your community.

After interaction and providing information, Cooper will collect their contact information and forward it to your leasing agents.

read("Hi there, I'm, looking for a 2 bedroom apartment. What are your current prices?") = "LEASING"
Cooper responds

After, Cooper will follow up with your customers via text or email to help you get more interacion with your clients.

Your sales assistant, available 24/7

For $47 a month

Cooper Brings Your Office:

Innovative Leasing Experience

Text Tenants from Cooper AI

Cooper’s message routing, powered by artificial intelligence, allows your potential clients to get information in a unique way anytime.

24/7 Data Collection

Send default messages from Cooper AI

All communicataion flows directly through your Facebook page, allowing you to collect leads any time day or night.

Clients Interested Now

No need to download an app for Cooper AI

Leads collected by Cooper is directly from a customer looking to lease right now. Reduce the grind and turn interest into leasing faster!

Your buildings personal assistant

Cooper AI