Serving elderly poor and homeless.

We provide free goods and services to the elderly poor and homeless in San Antonio who may have financial or physical limitations.

King’s Compassion is a 501(c) 3 Nonprofit organization serving the elderly poor and homeless of San Antonio. Founded in 2011 by Robert and Rose Reyes.


We rely on your generous free will donations.


Come join us and actually meet the people you are helping.

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As baby boomers mature, our elderly population in San Antonio keeps growing, as do their challenges. Though they try to be self sufficient, their gradual loss of independence is real, and their need for help rises. More often than not, they live at or below the poverty level. 

Imagine yourself as a poor elderly person.  You don’t leave your residence because of fears, and other limitations. You feel alone and powerless to help yourself.  Even if you have family, they’re not any better off than you. Yet you need to provide for your housing, food, health care, and related expenses.  Your low financial resources and socioeconomic status make this difficult, if not impossible. You are dependent on Social Security, Medicare, and SNAP for your needs. You’re overwhelmed with despair and lack peace of mind, which in turn negatively affects your health and overall wellbeing. 

Sadly, this is a reality for a growing number of elderly.  Their living conditions are heartbreaking, and their residences are likely in disarray and clutter, inside and out. The environment is unsafe and unhealthy, and they often have pest and rodent problems too.

In addition to these obstacles, our elderly are easy targets for scams and often ridiculed.  Generally, they are abandoned, forgotten, neglected, and even abused.  Even those that have families can feel lonely or forgotten.

King’s Compassion helps the elderly poor with basic needs they cannot provide for themselves and/or connects them to agencies that may assist them. We provide free goods, services and help to restore their environment to an acceptable state, as a source of relief. Currently, there is no other local organization offering all of the free services and goods that KC does to the elderly poor

We are here to serve and care for their total wellbeing. We want them to always remember they are not alone. Please join us, become a part of the solution and make a positive impact in the lives of this special group in our community. 

"If you help the poor, you are lending to the LORD and He will repay you." -Proverbs 19:17


Address: 11943 Cedar Grey
San Antonio, TX 78249-2445

Email: 2498802195

Phone: 210-325-3183 & 210-325-3184

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