I came to talk about them.

She has wide hips.


Irwin might be working overtime tonight.

Do you ever feel like you're running down?

This looks like an attempt at rephrasing a well-known English proverb.


Ramon ran back into his apartment.

The dry leaves immediately caught fire.

The lid doesn't want to come off.

Don't be afraid of having tigers for enemies; be afraid of having pigs for friends.

The telephone is among the inventions attributed to Alexander Graham Bell.


Tharen is the guy that Polly is interested in.

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He is in conference.

I'd like a wake-up call at six tomorrow morning.

I don't regret this.


How many years ago did you realize you were adopted?

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I don't feel too cold.


It was a good experience.

It caught me by surprise.

He made no manifestation of his disappointment.

Carlos has lived in Boston his entire life.

I'm sure it's nothing.

We require no assistance.

This is your final warning.


I'd like to go to Takayama during festival time.

Ravi felt helpless.

Did you ask Rainer for money?

No one's ever questioned my methods before.

When we think this way, many problems arise.

Mayor Nguyen Jackson held several campaign appearances this month.

Jef hasn't sent the package yet.

The wicked man is scared of heights.

You really ought to think before you open your mouth, you'd avoid a lot of misunderstandings that way.

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What's the bottom line?

I said let Lorenzo go.

Everyone believed in me.

Do you have a spare key?

Why don't you ask Spudboy to help you?

"How do you feel?" he inquired.

Which did you choose?

Yes, please.

Roland ate everything that was on his plate.

The boy's problems are physical, not mental.

We hope to meet you at UK97.

Samir needed help fast.

Kathleen wants something, but I'm not sure what.


We must trust women as much as we can trust the weather.

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Ken thought that Pierre was sleeping.


Milk is nasty.

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Ahmed could die.


I took care of that.

She was mocking the superficiality of fashion slaves.

I didn't sneak out.

The United Nations is an international organization.

It's a long way away.

The back seat of the car will hold three passengers.

Bonnie didn't want to study French anymore.

How did Hsuan get into Wendy's office?

I was moved to tears.

You'll meet Elizabeth.

Everett filled me in on the details.


We have to keep trying until we succeed.


Will you return this pen to me when you are through?

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Mud clings to my shoes.


I just arrived yesterday.

We need a goal.

I'd like to see you in my office.

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I feel safe with you.


She's probably very busy.

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Stephanie is a financial wizard.

This product is well-designed.

I couldn't figure out what he was talking about.


He is an able lawyer.

May I turn on the TV?

Miki wished to sink into the ground for shame.


Are you available tonight?

By now, the train must have left.

Rhonda and Gypsy both left the office early today.

Is Mwa hurt?

I went past my stop absent-mindedly.

How long did you know them?

Everybody did their part.


We've seen all-round improvements lately.

I'll never forget to meet you.

You know where to find me if you want to talk.

Don't let me die.

They go to watch a play once every month.

"You have the attention span of a chicken." "Chickens are delicious." "My point exactly."

I go on foot.

You all have two books.

Wounds heal, scars remain.


I ask these questions by way of finding out the cause of the accident.


My marriage is over.


Ami is still in Boston, isn't he?

Marvin is constantly complaining.

The experiment must begin.

Why should I give her money?

It's nice to feel wanted.


It'll happen quite quickly.

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I don't go anywhere on Sunday.


I hope to see you.

Are these books yours or mine?

The radio is on.

I won't take those pills.

Why do you want to switch jobs?


Nelken tried to leave.

Are you reliable?

I think something like this could only happen in Boston.

They have a right to their political beliefs.

When I was younger, I hated going to weddings. My grandmothers and aunts would huddle around me, poke me in the side, and giggle "You're next! You're next!" They only stopped this nonsense when I began to do the same thing at funerals.

Sandip put me up for a night.

To tell the truth, he was lonely.


However, I ask you not to make the same mistakes that I did.

Nobody knows the answer.

I would like to thank you in advance for any help that you are able to give her.

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Everything is bad.


Bucky and I have that in common.


I could tell you who did it.

Whoso wishes to touch him let him beware, for he will have to do with me!

Gregge politely accepted the drink.

Roberta hasn't yet returned the book to me that Gabriel wants to read.

I think they're plotting something.

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Save your long-winded explanations for someone else.

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I think I can't stay.

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She is an English teacher fresh from college.


Jackye will probably stay here tonight.

A third of the earth's surface is desert.

I know the perfect place to put those flowers.

Well, stranger things have happened.

All during my trip I could not keep you out of my mind.

I can't believe that Aimee said such hateful things about Hy.

No other river is longer than the Shinano.

I want to keep it there.

Will you have a little time this weekend to help me with my French?

Do you want to play golf or not?

Why worry about it?

Sjouke wasn't sure how he could help.

Well, it's just like the proverb "fine feathers make a fine bird". You look really good when you wear a suit.

They're immune.

I would like to drink something.

In the matter of boots, I refer to the authority of the bootmaker.

It is not surprising that he was elected mayor.

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The deal did not go through.

I won't unload the car because that's somebody else's job.

It seems unlikely, but maybe it'll happen.

After Ruth passed away, Olson went back to her parents' home.

But that's not the real problem.


I'm telling you this is going to be great.

Dan feeds roaches to his big hairy spider.

Swimming strengthens the legs.

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I'm hiding from her.

Giovanni is working hard this semester.

You cannot sell the cow and drink the milk.


How fast he can run!

They never give up.

Mayo was tapping his fingers nervously on the table.


Change your thoughts, and you change your world.