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I can eat anything but onions.

I was completely shocked.

Under the reign of tyranny, innocent people were deprived of their citizenship.


Yesterday a fire broke out near my house.

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Tandy and Knudsen have three grandchildren.

I've got sand in my hair.

It was cool, not to say, cold last night.

Who beat you up?

You can do that.

Venkata cradled the baby in his arms.

It's time to go shopping.

Michel doesn't need to do that now.

What's the most convenient way to get to Tokyo Station?


"Hey, everyone! I'm back!" "My boy, you're late. I hope you have an explanation." "Yeah, traffic was bad up from here to Koridai."

You will be able to buy this only there.

I didn't send them anywhere.

Are you a leader or a follower?

Many people eat fried chicken with their fingers.


It's really tough.

I told him I was fine.

You need to come home.


A boat takes me out on an excursion; I watch the city shrink in the distance.


Change your mind, if you want to.


This is one of the best dictionaries I have.


Harold got tired of working with Pascal and quit.


I think Sigurd is tough.

Soohong was in a terrible car accident.

Just wait here until help arrives.

We're here to support Srinivasan.

Their ship is still in port.

At present a very great number of people are seeking to participate and, depending on circumstances, up to a month ahead is fully booked.

What is good for you is good for me.


My mother tells me not to study so hard.

You can get to her house in a variety of different ways.

Could you just tell us what happened?

They're probably drunk.

Lonhyn realized that Perry might not like him so much.

You'll get it.

What are you going to do after graduating from college?


Marvin has a really good sense of direction.

When was the last time you borrowed books from the library?

And you're the one who claims that I am old fashioned...


He can't know the truth.

Living nativity scenes are popular in Southern Italy.

Ten years have passed since I came to Tokyo at the age of eighteen.


All the children hugged their parents.

Changing the system is difficult, not to mention the interpersonal relationships.

They found Rachel in great pain.

Why don't you go play with them?

The chicken is pink.


Jackye is still living in Boston.

We were seated in a circle.

My class is made up of forty students.


It is hot, no doubt, but then the heat is dry.


I can't stand her jealousy.

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Despite everything he is still playing dumb.

I hope we didn't keep you waiting too long.

Please remember to turn off the light before going to bed.

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He had heard people speak contemptuously of money: he wondered if they had ever tried to do without it.

The bipartisan commission's recommendations were ignored.

Men are born and remain free and equal in rights.


In November, olives are harvested from the trees to make oil.


I was really very happy.

You did nothing.

Alvin baked brownies.

We traveled around Australia.

Strange to say, the door opened of itself.


You are welcome, Jack!

I didn't fathom this happening.

Why take that risk?


This is a picture of my mother.


Nothing else matters.


He didn't have any bicycle.

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Seymour tossed her hair over her shoulder.


Horror has a name.


Nobody wants your books!

I looked around for Edward, but I didn't see him.

The two planes were on a collision course.

Don't let him run away.

Rome's destiny was to conquer the world.

June enjoys movies.

Comedy always includes a little tragedy. That's why there are sad clowns.

This kind of flower doesn't grow in my garden.

As happiness doesn't exist, we must try to be happy without it!

In Spain and France, we buy fresh bread every day.

I never said any such thing.

We have a problem.

The book is about the life of a woman in prison.

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Ahmet's hair is blowing in the wind.


Ronald, tell me your email address.

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I want to take a year off and travel around the world.

Our experimental results left something to be desired.

If I had had enough money, I would have bought the book.

Could you tell me why you weren't at the meeting?

I once worked in a restaurant.

Pedro was sitting alone on a bench.

I heard that you have invited Starbuck to play mahjong with us tomorrow night.


He reminded his wife to wake him up at 7:00 a.m.

Can't we just ask them to go?

We will be able to build farms and create fields there.

Learning English is hard work.

She is an adult, so you should treat her accordingly.


They scoffed at our efforts.

Huey has a secret admirer.

I know where you can hide.

He amused the children with the story.

I didn't expect Barbara and Donne to be here.

I'm pretty sure I did the right thing.

Carl eats jabuticabas.

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These are people.

He's trashed.

I'm sure Dory has some questions he wants to ask you.

In this firm, women work on equal terms with men.

We must get there before them.

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A fine may be issued.


Hi. How are you called?

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Americans who love sushi are not in short supply.


We don't get visitors.

No one threatened her.

I have a lot to do today, so if you don't mind, I'd like to have this discussion at another time.


Cross-country skiing is popular in Norway.

Is there practice every day?

Anybody see you?

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Didn't you know?

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I'll get lonely.

On arriving in Osaka, he went straight to the hotel.

I heard Rafik yelling at Jisheng.

Why can't you be cool?

You will find that book in the historical section of the library.


This car gets good gas mileage.

I think I'd better call them.

In the end we decided to ask our teacher for advice.


Blessed are the poor in spirit.


Motion for continuance denied.

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A wise man, therefore, proportions his belief to the evidence.

Be careful. This may be the last time in your life you make a mistake.

We're going to have to have our house painted soon.

Hurry up in order to catch the train.

I thought you said Julie was a friend of yours.

I didn't hear a splash.

Could you arrange to be here at five?


You're not me.

I stick to the point.

Syd drank a glass of orange juice.


Claude stayed out late last night.

Words can not convey how glad I am.

He's better than I.


He talks as if he knew the secret.

Earl won't be killing anybody else.

We must do more.

At the age of 77 his lungs were affected by years of smoking.

I want to visit Fiji.