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Why does a hotel need to execute better web design practices?

The 60% of both leisure and business travelers prefer to use search engines to find hotels appropriate to their budget and lifestyle rather than checking the direct hotel website during planning trip.

To outsmart your competitors and increase conversion here are the best web design practices you can execute:

1. Make the booking flow easy for better conversion.
You may install call to action buttons to other pages but when creating the booking page, make it clear and simple. Emphasize the different room types, amenities so guests can decide quickly.

Do not forget to include ample amount of visual for each room type, because senior guests prefer to see visuals rather than a plain page with all the list of amenities. Your web design in booking page should allow the guests to compare prices according to their budget, so they don’t have to check other hotel websites if they find your booking page difficult to understand.

2. Responsive Web Design
Improving and optimizing the mobile version of your website has been one of the reasons why conversion continues to increase for other brands. It’s highly recommended to make your website responsive to mobile, Android and any other sizes of desktop monitors.

Having a website is not just highlighting the different room types you offer but also, you need to make the booking decisions for people who are always on the go to be convenient. Make them feel the sense of urgency of reserving a room to your hotel.

3. Visual and Optimization Is the Key
One of the main features of every hotel to their website is the gallery. No matter how perfect the images in the gallery section, web design and even the functionality of the hotel’s virtual tour once it’s loaded, if it takes three seconds or more before it loads, guests will abandon your website.

Building a website for your hotel requires you to hire a professional to work on its web design, make every user-experience astounding, and have better numbers of revenue in a weekly or monthly basis.

Each time you have a client who needs a web design for their website ensures that user experience is as good as the guests will experience in the hotel itself.


Finally, you have a budget for your dream house. Your next step is to find the right people to help you execute the plans. One of them is an architect.

Here are vital questions that will help you find the best architect:

What are your services?
Every architectural firm has its niche. You can ask for a particular in-house architect who you think suits your needs. If you prefer a freelance architect,  ask the extent of services he/she can provide and how long will it take to complete the project. It is necessary to ask to know the deliverables and expectations.

You need to know how much time can he give to meet you to discuss the progress of the house construction.

How much is your professional fee?
Your budget includes an architect’s fee. Asking it outright is important, so you will know if your budget is enough. The size of the project usually determines the rate. If you demand more of his/her time during the construction, the architect may charge a higher fee. Negotiate to get a reasonable price.

How do you present the plan?
Architects use drawings, perspectives, and plans to demonstrate their design. If you want to visualize your dream house, ask for a 3D simulation. Discuss your specifications, so the architect will know what you want.

What if I change my mind?
Another point that you must clear during the initial discussion with the architect is the probability of change. Ask the extent of modification that he/she allows. Your architect may charge you an additional fee for this.

It is always best to have a short list of candidates for the job. Ask them individually the questions above to hasten your selection. Consider their answers, their reputation, their past projects, and their rates before choosing. Pick the one who you believe will help you make your dream house come true and maximize your budget.


Singapore is one of the most sought and rich countries worldwide. Most of the millennials are turning their backs into the ordinary party and now prefer to have a yacht party. These millennials are too eager to spend their money and time into life-changing experiences and create extraordinary memories.

The main question is: How much does it cost to have a yacht party in Singapore?

The Basic

The total cost of having a yacht party will really vary on the package that you will avail, along with the number of attendees and the inclusions. Moreover, if you have a small number of attendees to your yacht party, the basic fee would be $399 suitable for 12 persons for 4-hours. There is also a corresponding additional fee per person exceeding the 12th which is $50.

Above Average

Meanwhile, for a bigger yacht party, the average cost would be $400, best to accommodate 18 guests for 4 hours. The galley equipment, BBQ Grill and onboard karaoke system are included on the price.

The Premiums

For most adventurous and money wise yacht party, there are packages included once you avail the 4-hour charter for $560 good for 18 persons.

  • Kayaking
  • Snorkeling
  • Fishing Gear

The only catch of these businesses when you avail the yacht party package, there is an additional fee of $200 for BBQ Pit Rental and Grill service. While the premium, larger and luxurious yachts prices are ranging from $1,800 up to $4,200 that can accommodate 37 up to 50 persons.

Top celebrations held in a yacht party are engagement, post-engagement celebration, and mini-reunion of friends who have not seen each other for decades and even wedding ceremony with the people closest to the hearts of the couple.

Celebrating both small and big wins in life helps you to create and keep pictures and memories, indulging into unique experiences.


If you want to save money for your life goals, learn the habit of paying yourself first. If you want to reach your dream destination and travel the world, you need to save money for it.

If you want to go to places and enjoy the local food and accommodation, you surely need to do some budgeting.

It means that before paying all your bills and budgeting for the living expenses, you already paid yourself. Sounds easy, right?

Paying yourself is budgeting itself
Saving is your way to achieve your goals quickly. You are saving for a fund that you budget for a short or long-term goal.  It shows that you are making yourself and your future a priority. When you pay yourself first, you are a step closer to making your goal a reality.

Print out a photo of the place you want to visit and remind yourself why you need to save up.

A budget is your spending plan
With proper budgeting, you clearly identify your expenses. It will help you gain control over your money and spend it on essential purchases. Make savings a priority expense that you need to pay as soon as you have your paycheck. It makes savings more doable and possible.

You maximize your own financial progress
Tracking down your income and expenses is crucial. It will show how you spend your money. It will make you realize that your spending habit affects your money management.

Being aware where most of your extra money goes will help you think if it is wise to continue the habit of spending it to non-essential things or add it to your savings account.

Budgeting becomes stress-free
There are no strict rules that govern budgeting. It’s a personal financial plan that you prepare to manage your finances well. Do not impose strict limits that will stress you out.

Spend your money according to your needs after you set aside an amount for your egg nest.

Taking care of your current financial situation while looking forward to your brighter future is possible. Your tool- budgeting. It may take a little sacrificing and letting go of personal wants but soon you will be reaping your rewards.


Gone are the days where hotel rooms are for relaxation and a safe haven during a business trip. These past few years, people are reserving rooms to hotels for a birthday celebration, anniversary, and even for bridal shower and stag party.
Never let any moment gets dull on your birthday! Choose from these newest and budget-friendly hotels in Metro Manila.

1. Sequoia Hotel

Reserve a room for you and your friends for as low as Php2, 410.00. This hotel is accessible to various pubs and restaurants in Quezon City for your sudden cravings at night. In fact, Sequoia Hotel features a function room if you have invited tons of friends and relatives from abroad are coming too.

2. The Sulo Riviera

If you prefer to hang out with friends on your birthday and still planning to go home after the celebration, you may want to stay at Sulo Riviera. Satisfy your cravings as Sulo Riviera’s Café Paraiso prepares continental and traditional cuisines and three available dining options at the vicinity, plus an outdoor pool.

3. B hotel

B Hotel in Quezon City promises a remarkable stay once you celebrate your birthday in this establishment. Each room boasts of modern interiors including industrial design elements. Celebrating your special day in B Hotel is more like staying in a condominium unit with personalized service tailored for your needs.

Aside from having a private room with your friends to celebrate the special day in your life, this establishment also features in-store salon where you can all pamper yourselves as a form of bonding. If music is your passion, a videoke room is also available.

Your birthday happens only once a year, seize the moment and do not let other people ruin it. Make the most out of it, file for a one-day leave and invite your close friends to join you to celebrate.

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No matter what your age or what your life looks like, you must take time to party. That’s right – party! Everyone needs a break from the rut of everyday life but not everyone has the time or money to afford taking an exotic vacation. Taking time to host or attend an energizing party can be as easy and inexpensive as you make it.

The first step for busy people is to make time in your schedule to relax and celebrate. You will never find rest and refreshment apart from your busy life if you do not make it happen intentionally. Chances are strong that your life will not get any less chaotic or busy in the weeks and months to come.

You may have been going at such a rushed pace for so long that you do not even recognize your need for something like a party. Ask yourself when is the last time that you have really enjoyed a few hours with the people that mean the most to you. If it has been a while then you especially need to get planning.

Taking time off to party can be as simple as meeting a few friends for a coffee or dinner after work. Just be sure that the conversation during this time doesn’t revolve around the craziness of home or work. Another simple way to take time to party is to get outside with a friend and enjoy the beauty that we so often miss in our busyness. Bring a thermos of tea and a few snacks and you have yourself a little party.

If you really want to go all out in planning a party feels free because the options are endless. Choose a day and a time and create a list of guests to invite to your party. You can make a party intimate with just a few close friends or large enough to include everyone you know. It is up to you. The important thing to remember is that this should feel like a party to you, too, so don’t get so busy and stressed in planning that it doesn’t feel like a party at all.

In planning activities for your party be sure to plan only what will be restful, fun and energizing for your guests. Everyone will love to spend an afternoon that allows them to laugh and forget about the stresses of life for a little while.

I hope by now you are convinced that your life could use a little time to party and so could the lives of the people you love. Whether you decide to do something simple like invite a friend to dinner or whether you host the largest party of the season remember to have fun because that is what a party is all about.