Slim's Stone LLC.

Quarry Stone from Hackett AR & Cameron OK

Retail & Wholesale Quarry Stone

Slim's Stone is a retail and wholesale rock quarry that has been in business for 17 years. We are open to the public and located on the state line between Hackett, AR, and Cameron, OK on Highway 120. Our products come directly out of the Hackett, AR rock quarry. Stone products are never cut, polished or tumbled, only 100% natural stone.

We provide a wide assortment of stone products that can fit almost any need. Our 3”-5 building stone is perfect for structural buildings of any size. The 1" to 3" Puzzle Stone is ideally suited for thin stone veneer and also multiple landscaping needs. Please view the gallery for some examples and creative ideas. You will be amazed!

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Stone Landscaping Projects

Here at Slim's Stone our products go far beyond just structural building and stone landscaping. We have a wide assortment of stone beams of various lengths and widths that could be used for almost any purpose that you can imagine. We can provide you with stone slabs that could be used for unique yard decorations, picnic tables or even bridges and stairs. The possibilities are endless.

Ston Beams and Slabs from Hackett, AR

Summer and fall are the optimum times for doing many of your landscaping projects. Landscaping projects can include your garden, driveway, and even your front yard. You can build decorative focus points in your garden, or you could even build beautiful fire pits in the backyard. The possibilities are endless. Just imagine, you invite your neighbors over for a backyard pool party, and you have just added a backyard fireplace made of beautiful stone, what a conversational piece this would be, not to mention you be envied by the neighbors. Constructing a beautiful stone slab walkway in the front yard can very easily be accomplished by acquiring some stone from Slim's Stone.


Moss Boulders New at Slims

Moss Rock Stone Bolder

Moss Rock

Being excavated at a pretty good rate. Currently, we have several that are ready to be shipped, however; these moss boulders are going very quickly. Call now to get yours!

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Dark Multi-Blend Landscaping Stone

Top soil & fill dirt

Dark Multi-Blend Stone

We have an overabundance of Dark Multi-Blend. Call us today for discounts on this gorgeous stone!

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Slim's Stone LLC.
10655 State Highway 120 · Cameron, OK 74932
Phone OK: (918) 654-3197
Slim's Stone LLC.
2105 West Hackett Rd · Hackett, AR 72937
Phone AR: (479) 638-7406


Uses for Our Stone

  • Fireplaces & Chimneys
  • Elevated Flower Beds & Landscape Borders
  • Stone Retaining Walls
  • Walkways & Patios
  • Outdoor Kitchen Grilling Areas
  • Waterfalls, Ponds & Runoffs

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About Us

Slim's Stone was founded in 1997, and we have been providing outstanding customer service for over 17 years. We provide only top quality stone products directly from our rock quarry. Purchasing from us will save you money!

Our philosophy is very simple; treat each and every customer as we like to be treated! Our retail customers are just as important to us as our wholesale customers. Everybody is welcome here at Slim's Stone so drop in and have a cup of coffee with us. We will discuss your stone building needs, whether it is building beautiful garden landscaping or if you need dimensional building stone, we are here to help.