Welcome to Recovery Roots!
Our intention for Recovery Roots is to help brave souls reclaim trust, awareness, alignment and acceptance by honoring the four bodies through authentic experience, guidance and connection.
When beginning to learn how to work with the physical body, our focus is on cultivating a compassionate, trusting, accepting and attuned relationship to your body’s intuitive cues and natural rhythms.
Embracing the power of your mind to create new neural pathways is hard. That’s why we create safe spaces for you to practice greater bravery, resilience, openness, awareness and commitment to your recovery.
Your emotional body is a sacred portal through which your greatest healing occurs. Our priority is providing you with the space to share vulnerably and authentically so that you can experience true validation and radical acceptance.
We believe a trusting, connected, aligned and receptive relationship to your spiritual body brings clarity in uncertainty, light in dark, and love in loss. It is connecting with who you are underneath all the conditioning and pain to find your true self.
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  • Empower yourself with tools for deeper self awareness, trust and compassion
Hooray! Thank you for taking this brave step and joining our sacred community!
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