I had a very good time at Karuizawa.

When am I supposed to do that?

I am mocking him just as he mocks me.

If you can read this, it means that you can speak one language!

The middle finger is the longest.


Mingle your joys sometimes with your earnest occupation.

We'll miss her.

Henry's parents live in a monster house.

She seemed surprised by the question.

I've told Joanne all about you.

Stop bad mouthing her.

Atom bombs are a danger to mankind.

My computer crashed and now it won't start up.

You look great in this photo!


Virtuosity requires years of daily practice from childhood.

It happens that we have two copies of Catcher in the Rye.

This should come in very handy.

The lock is beautiful.

Tanaka is a loser.

The apple is red and yellow.

Celia is probably in the building.

It's no use trying to escape.

I enjoyed driving on the new highway.


You can't buy happiness.

Open the envelope carefully so it doesn't tear.

There were so many things I wanted to ask Phiroze.


Eddie is looking for his wallet.

Real didn't come until noon.

I'm sorry for the delay in responding.


He bought a lot of flour and oil.


When did you start dating?


The child played the baby to his mother.


The bloated profits of farmers at the time were something again.

Please come to the table.

I hate people who have feelings.

Did he really tell you that?

I cannot shoot with a gun. My fingers are broken.

She is old and experienced.

Actually, I don't like Marilyn very much.

Daniel sat back and watched.

We enjoyed ourselves to our hearts' content.

We were surprised to see his injuries.

I have but one thing to say to that.

She pulled her car up at the gate.

We'll find somewhere else to go.

Will the madness ever end?

Brilliant butterflies flew hither and thither.


Thanks to a cold summer, beer has sold poorly.


Please consider us in the future for all your travel needs.

Steam is water changed to a gaseous form by the application of heat. It may be either saturated, superheated, dry or wet.

Are you sure you're sick?

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I couldn't help smiling at her childlike frankness.

We're decisive.

How much money did you spend on your last holiday?

You tricked us.

I will send you a copy of this picture as soon as I can.

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I don't care for meat.

We spent about three months in Boston.

The composer Johann Sebastian Bach died in the year 1750.

Martin just disappeared.

She was not in the least pleased with my present.

I think Granville will fail his driving test.

The race was watched by a crowd of nearly a quarter of a million people.

Won't you come to the party tomorrow?

We spent seven thousand dollars on drinks in total.

Our teacher called our names in turn.

I'd like to brush my teeth.

Aren't you afraid of getting infected by the virus?

We just need to talk to her.

Have you got anything special in mind for tonight?

Go through the market.

I had a bowl of noodles at a street nearby.

The bath was not hot enough and I was unable to enjoy it.

Do you want to go and get a bite to eat?

It goes without saying that money is not everything.

I'm ready to get back to work.

I knew that Olaf knew Oleg.

Do you think participation in the community enhances your study?

Dylan asked Seth to kiss him.

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Please give my best regards to your husband.


It was the beginning of the end for them.

I spent all of this month's earnings from my part-time job on clothes.

It ended badly for Damone.

I won't be able to go to the prom.

You wouldn't know anything about that, would you?


I want to join an athletic club.

He tries to impress his friends.

Please fix my toy.


Humility is truth.

Here we are again.

Hands off.

The baby is asleep. Don't make a noise.

They went home after they had finished the task.

All the friends that I sent invitations to came to the party.

Merat collapsed to the ground.


I'm telling you to shut up.

Nelken wishes he could speak French as well as Tiefenthal.

How do you feel during the period?

Susan manages to tell her mother that it is time to say goodbye.

You do such a thing once too often and get punished.

She is frightened of thunder.

He fell asleep in class and started snoring.

There may be other factors that intervene in the relation between these two constants.

The speaker banged the table with his fist.

I'm really glad you came.

I'm the humblest person on this planet.

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If one dream dies, dream another dream. If you get knocked down, get back up and go again.

Joachim lowered the bucket into the well.

Tai is a really good worker.


The first magic of love is our ignorance that it can ever end.

Pedro has been fighting with Max.

What a surprise to bump into you here!


You should always tell the truth.

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I have only one pen.


I am memorizing a text.

Take exercises out of doors.

You've been missed.

His salary is double what it was seven years ago.

Which one is your car?

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Stay with me, dad! I'm afraid of the dark.


I left a message for her.

He was trained as a lawyer.

The particles in the rings closer to the planet orbit the planet at a faster speed than the particles in the rings farther from the planet.

I'll be back in two hours.

A problem immediately arose.

I won't allow my daughter to go out with you.

He is trying to study as hard as he can.


Please fasten seatbelt.

This is true in a large number of cases.

The rainfall was very heavy.

I got stabbed.

The rumor proved to be an absolute lie.

At what time does your class end?

Gene is quite rich, isn't he?

Let's forget the whole thing, OK?

My teacher told me to read as much as I could.

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If a very large amount of memory is installed, an 'insufficient memory' error message is displayed.

Men know a problem to any solution.

He's laughing at me because my lips are stained with squid ink.

I've had time to practice.

We exchanged greetings.


Melinda helped Hilda out of the cab.

We'll attend.

Can I see you two outside?

The water was too hot yesterday.

The word "sam" is short for "computer" in Lojban.

Did it come with cords?

Despair was written on the mother's face.


However hard I tried, I could not solve the problem.

Pieter is enjoying himself.

That movie was a bit disappointing.


I'm confused and frustrated.

There is no prescription for a common cold.

He had a gun on his person.


He was jailed on trumped-up charges.

Did they sign?

Susanne couldn't bear the pain any more so he shot himself.

They went on a trip abroad for the first time.

My father graduated from Harvard University.

Let's write a book together.

A woman's hair is long; her tongue is longer.

It is hard to understand.

I'm a zombie!

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It was never a problem before.


Emily says that he has no trouble understanding Luc's French.


Most anime characters have large eyes.