I'll make every possible effort to meet your request.

Aoi dances very well.


If you don't give anything to a dog, it will bark at everyone.

Terrence gave Sanand a diamond ring.

She is a loose woman and will honestly go with anyone.

Steve fell heavily and hit his head on a rock, causing life-threatening injuries.

But I don't know how to cook kebabs!


They don't seem busy.

Sandra is getting his things together.

John is streetwise.

I know exactly what I have to do.

Rafik was covered with sweat.

The notorious dictator abused his privileges to his heart's content.

PLEASE give me a visa.

We're great friends.

Martyn couldn't help laughing.


He has lost his wits.


It's one of the greatest books of all time.

It's dangerous here.

I couldn't hear Jacobson.

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That's not a doctor.


That may not be a problem.

I like blue best of all colors.

What shall I begin with?


Michiel handed King a drink.


Is Pam with you now?

Orville hasn't read the morning paper yet.

Do you know anyone in Australia?

What caused the traffic jam down the street?

That was foreseeable.

I never argue with people like Oskar.

I'll show you how to separate gold from sand.

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Even today, those people have difficulty showing national pride.


Something must be wrong with the machinery.


Francisco didn't know when to shut up.

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I'm armed.

Thanks for warning me.

It'll just take some time.


It's here somewhere.

She suffers from osteoporosis.

The Internet is no solace at all for most people. It feels unnatural for them...

He seems really nice.

What did you think of the concert?


I got very annoyed at her remarks.


The storm didn't abate for several hours.

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You handled that badly, Earl.

Bradley was a lumberjack.

Have you ever been to karaoke alone?

Don't let me die!

Moe and the rest of the robbers rendezvoused at a subway station.


He's jealous and irrational.


Harold really fucked things up.


He had no more than 10,000 yen.

The only access to the farmhouse is across the fields.

I told you I loved you.

Russ kept checking his watch.

The boy filled his bag with clothes.

It looks like him.

He dropped his wineglass and broke its stem.

Beverly seemed to be frightened.

I'll see to it that it never happens again.


He was in error in assuming that she would come to see him.

My prayer was answered.

Each child has an individual way of thinking.


I don't know when Marci came to Boston.

What you said convinced her.

I wonder if my brother will ever come back.

We didn't have much rain last month.

Jacobson said you wanted water.

Thinking is something we all do, but defining exactly what thought is is no simple matter.

You should've stayed with him.

Nice to meet all of you!

We must absolutely find the assassins.


Urs, you're beautiful. I love you.

This time you went too far.

Sofia's hands are always well-manicured.

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I'm Antonio.


Hi! You are Peter's friend, aren't you?

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Hey, it's none of my business.

He is the president of the company in fact, if not in name.

Craig is a classmate of mine.


I could never do anything like that.


Let's not point fingers.

We need to review the case.

It reminds me of him.

Beautiful flowers have thorns.

I go where I please.

I'm not interested in you.

We won the lottery.

The dog regarded his master anxiously.

I went back to the house.


Please join us.

You should eat vegetables and fruit at least three times a day.

Everything depends upon your decision.

Gene was often teased in school.

I always eat healthy.

You've had enough.

Everything is in perfect working order.

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The results were as follows.

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The temperature went down three degrees.

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"Please don't tell him." "I won't say anything."

I am very happy to see you.

German engineer Otto Lilienthal studied aerodynamics and worked to design a glider that would fly. He was the first person to design a glider that could fly a person and was able to fly long distances.

I admitted that I was wrong.

The government adopted strong measures to fight inflation.

I know exactly who you're talking about.

Are you doing anything special this evening?

It's bad to drive.

I've never stolen anything in my whole life.

Kurt looked under his seat.

He wrote "Best regards" at the end of the letter and then went on to sign his name.

Have you checked our store lately?

Metin knew that he wouldn't be able to get to school on time.

She lay her head on my chest so she could listen to my heartbeat.

I had an amazing date last weekend.

You sounded just like her.

How much is this dress?

You may catch him.

I need to know the reason why you weren't here yesterday.

I'm starved.

I love my family more than anything.

Kieran saw the exhibits.

We knew you were sick.

He fell head over heels into the pool.

You can go for walks on the hills.


Send it to the address I gave you.

I have a collection of stoat figurines.

How did you guys get in?

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Can I speak to you?

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Roxie is the only one who understands this.

Is his story true?

It will be a masterpiece!

Gabriel was stubborn.

It's nice and quiet in here.

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You'll eventually get used to the heat.

Don't wake the sleeping cat up.

You should get back home.


They joined us.

Our feelings towards him are mixed.

Sheila began to speak.

I encouraged Dwayne to learn French.

Let me be more specific.

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The boy turned out to be clever.


She missed you.

A hare raced with a tortoise.

Hello, is anybody there?

I want to stay with them.

I've never seen anyone enjoy reading as much as you do.

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I was angry because he was late.

We've had some fun.

Jingbai wondered why Jelske was crying.

Do you want me to leave now?

It's been raining since morning.

He successfully passed the exam.

Losing one's health is worse than losing money.


When Kylo crested the hill, he had a commanding view of the valley below.

What made you buy that stock?

Roxanne is the third person in line.


Is that all of them?