He writhes like a worm.

Where did you curse them?


Just as all kinds of communication methods are increasing, human relationships are becoming weak. A perfect case of mistaking means for ends.

The fish smells bad.

I think I can take care of myself.

I came to Beijing last month.

The moon is not a good place to live on.

You know what I think of that.

Did Bucky actually say that to you?

A hospital, please?

One of my suitcases is large, and the other one is medium.

A good idea crossed his mind.

With winter coming on, they have to buy a lot of fuel.

I can't help you. As a matter of fact, I'm very busy just now.

That sounds like our tugboat horn.


I have a feeling that something is lacking in my life.


Kelvin told me you used to live in Australia.

I don't have much time for TV.

It's been a chaotic week.


The front door was open.

Are you in favor of the proposal?

We've run into a little bit of a problem.

I lost my car key.

Rupert never even saw Miles.

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Roads were overflowing with humanity.

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It's about to get worse.

How was the interview?

Not for eating do we live, but for living, we eat.

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I was told that you witnessed the murder.

That wasn't our fault.

Nail the windows shut.


The boy is a credit to our school.

You really don't want me to kiss you, do you?

Jagath was still lost in thought.

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You must wonder who I am.

Japan is a leader in the world's high-tech industry.

I went down by elevator.

Why do you care about him?

Smoking is not allowed here.

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None of these books are useful.

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I was young and immature at the time.

They made him the chairman of a club.

Is it true that you wanted to buy a car from Germany?


They're trying to restrain her.

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My album is here.


Where will we rendezvous?

Do you have a Finnish dictionary?

"Yes, I was listening," replied Jordan.

We are very happy to have received a message from you.

The author's verbiage produced a document of mammoth size and microscopic import.

I reprimanded him for his insolence.

They were inappropriately speaking their native language instead of Esperanto.

Jayant is pretty cute.

We will deliver the products within 30 days after the date of Purchase Order.

My husband is loving and caring.

If you don't write me back, I'll start thinking you don't want to know me.

Casper still has work to do.

It's never too late... Monolingualism is easy to cure!

Nothing's more playful than a young cat, nor more grave than an old one.

Like it or not we're in this together. All we can do is work closely as though we were joined at the hip.


I enjoy talking with him.

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You don't really believe all those stories, do you?


I am looking forward to your letter.


You never can tell what some people might buy.

You should stay away from Piercarlo.

Ramiro wheeled his bike out the front door.

Rudolph tells me you're smart.

We have nothing to fear but fear itself.


I have a rendezvous with my uncle tomorrow.

Charlie closed the curtains before he got undressed.

I can't find the hotel.

Haruki and Machiko were very happy to see each other again.

I really didn't want to play tennis with Pierre.

It is raining hard now.

Where did you get all this information?


This isn't a map.

Kathleen tried to keep from smiling.

I can't change who I am or what I've done.

She derives her temper from her grandfather.

There was a big reception after the wedding.


Monty vomited into the bucket.

What is the technical name of that paper with a rough texture?

The animal is eating.

None of my classmates live near here.

I'm not going second, I'm going first.

Thankfully nothing unfortunate happened.

I think you're very cute.

For reasons mentioned previously, I have decided to resign my position.

Travis's flight has just taken off.


I don't want to wait any longer.

Marsh translated the letter into French for me.

My cousins live near the beach.


I don't want to lose my job.

The movie we watched last night was in black and white.

We got robbed.

Jane is loved by Peter.

I can do it alone.


Briggs asked you a question. Please answer it.

I go to school every day by bus.

I resent the way he treated me.


Check your dictionary.


She took me under her wing.

I'll leave you alone.

Why can't you trust me?


It goes without saying that nothing is more important than health.

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The play was a lot of fun. I wish you could have been there.


Why is Emily going on a picnic with him?

You haven't solved this problem, have you?

On behalf of our classmates, I welcome you.


Can you persuade him to join our club?

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I cannot afford to leave you idle. You must take up a regular occupation.

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What does it concern you?


Two men were fighting on the street.

Let's climb that mountain to see it.

We've got a lead.

They've gone to buy a baseball.

There's a big cherry tree in the garden.

May I introduce our sales manager, Abe?

The apple fell!

Many languages borrow from English words.

Tareq thought that Ahmed was having money problems.

You are not shorter than I.

I've worked with Kaj for three years.

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Patrick can drive a car.

After Rakhal had eaten all the popcorn in the bowl, he went back into the kitchen to pop some more.

It's easy to quit smoking. I've done it hundreds of times.


Some companies are still debating whether to get Internet access.

The same sentence could have the force of a command.

I can't blame you for that.


They are all busy.


She shouldn't have blown a fuse.

She answered easily.

I thought maybe you'd have an idea.

The small thug beat up the convenience store employee.

Vice was afraid to cross the road.

I think Manavendra might like that.

Beth looked after our dog while we were away.

This is the most recent picture of Case I could find.

Row me across the river.

I baked some cookies.

Don't hold back.

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I don't know if I should tell her.


It kept raining for a week.

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Please bring it back tomorrow.

Who threw the bottle?

He requested that I come here again this afternoon.

Anthony was suspended for throwing a chair at another student.

The food was so good that I ate too much.

Did you take one of the cookies while I was not looking? I baked 20 cookies, not 19.

Sridhar stood alone under a big clock in the deserted train station.

I have been in business for two years now.

He came about four o'clock.


Mother comes to stay with us at least once a month.

Ian thought he was better at French than he really was.

I was going to vote for Moses.

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I'm really happy!

The best way to learn to swim is to swim.

I left a duplicate key to the room with my mother.