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Sjaak's fingers are greasy.

Matthieu skipped a grade.

Trade knows neither friends or kindred.

I don't know what I've been so afraid of.

"Would you get me a cup of coffee?" "With pleasure, my dear."


The person with the dog was so slow on the hill.


The fire devoured the town.

Sign your name there.

In this cold weather a good master won't let his dog out.

Let's see if we can get inside.

Every time they meet, they quarrel.

Yolks are yellow.

I asked you not to involve me in this.

I have to think of my children.

The two aims of the Party are to conquer the whole surface of the earth and to extinguish once and for all the possibility of independent thought.

Donovan reported that everything was in order.

I heard him mumble to himself.


Things happen for a reason, right?

Susumu asked me why I worked so hard.

Let's talk about what we're going to do about it.

We're not quitters.

I kept my money hidden in a place I thought no one would ever find it.


Could you tell me something about yourself?

A time bomb went off at the airport and killed 13 people.

Janice is doing significantly better.

Morris doesn't care who does the job as long as the job gets done.

Don't get mad, promise.

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Never trouble till trouble troubles you.

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Don't give Hurf any ideas.

The organization failed.

They won't risk doing that.

She confronted him and demanded an apology.

He is brief of speech.


The cat caught me by surprise!


I believe it to be he.


I actually do enjoy hitting you.

My husband is having dinner.

When I am in London, I will most probably go catch a few performances.

I am going to see where they're going.

I met Marilyn when I was a sophomore at Harvard.


This isn't going to happen again.

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This dish is tasty.

I have a better idea now.

That book is easy.


If I could be reborn, I would want to be the child of a rich family, then I'd be set for life.

This is an important night.

You don't have to get personal.

Leave your message after hearing the beep.

Do you want some chicken?

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Have I ever told you how beautiful you are?

How many times have I told you to fold your clothes?

Do not put child into bag!

That wasn't on the list.

Because of the financial crisis, that wasn't a very good year.

The keyboard is backlit.

Men should work.

The dog is yours.

You should act on the doctor's advice at once.

"Funny," said the old woman as she granted his wish and disappeared forever. "That was your first wish."

I'm probably not what people expect.

Are you looking for me?

I am a busy person.

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Coffee and Pu-erh tea are elixirs of life.

Where's Ravi headed?

The pen is the tongue of the soul.

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He's a food snob.


Ken obviously hates me.

He always persisted in his errors.

I won't say that twice!


Simon was sitting at his desk the last time I saw him.

I bought this guitar for just thirty dollars.

Do you want to come with me to this concert?

"Did it hurt when you fell?" "You bet."

How dare he have sex with my wife?

Kieran told me to keep quiet.

There's a family room in the basement.

Forvo is an international project which has set itself an unattainable goal and therefore always achieves opposite results.

Rodney doesn't feel like she's smart enough.

It is because he is honest that I like him.

I swam in the afternoons during the summer vacation.


It's too dark to play tennis now.

If you want me to write about Judeo-Christian topics, you have to pay money.

What matters the most to you and why

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I think I might have a drinking problem.

She went so far as to say that he was a swindler.

God is.

Does everybody need one?

He is in possession of this land.


There are people out there.

Some animals, as tigers, eat meat.

I just want to be near you.

When's that going to happen?

Happiness lies not in the mere possession of money; it lies in the joy of achievement, in the thrill of creative effort.

You're going to need my help.

Does Valerie really want me to be frank?


Your car has been repaired now.


No one knows how many people Devon killed.

I'm expecting him.

I live in town.

Bjorne looks like he's had an inspiration.

It is true that Aristotle distinguishes the tyrant from the king by the fact that the former governs in his own interest, and the latter only for the good of his subjects; but it would follow from Aristotle's distinction that, from the very beginning of the world, there has not yet been a single king.


I was eating lunch when the phone rang.

Thuan listened to the news.

You can have the last word with a woman, on the condition that it is yes.

Such a disaster won't come again in my time.

What's this got to do with them?

Try meditating a few minutes a day once in a while. Honestly, it helps me a lot.

I made tea last night.

Can't you do it any faster?

The cigarette smoke annoyed the other passengers.

I speak three languages.

Look at me when you're talking to me.

Revised doesn't know anything about Franklin's plan.

She bought vegetables yesterday.

Does it rain much in Germany?

She was on the point of going out.

Danielle encouraged Juergen to do that.

Son decided that it wasn't necessary to go into the office today.

He didn't wash himself for a week.

Shirley seems disoriented.

I'm still waiting for my order.

She should be freezed!

Pete stood up and then everyone else stood up, too.

The explorers began to suffer from a severe lack of food.

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I'm not as fond of music as you are.

In a way you are right, but I still have doubts.

It's a secret.

Can you promise me you won't tell Collin?

I have no idea where to go.

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They should have the right to decide for themselves.

I met her on the way to school.

Something has changed.

I really can't comment on that right now.

The kitchen chairs aren't stackable.


That was a nasty surprise.

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There is no man but loves his home.


Do you know where Srikanth is now?

Stacy asked Margot if she was OK.

Do you agree with Panos's recommendations?


She's a beauty.

We thought the meeting was going to be short, but it actually went on for almost three hours.

We should probably wrap up.

I am interested in getting a hat like this.

Bill was single until he tied the knot last week.


I don't think you'll have to wait for more than three hours.

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Mayo drank Merat under the table.

There's a mistake in this sentence.

If you eat that you will die.

We're converging, you and I.

I don't remember my dreams.


That's what I love about him.

What you did was wrong.

If they are not free, please let me know how much the catalogue and the postage to Japan are.

The people expected a victory speech.

I'm just making a suggestion.

My new phone is thinner than my old phone.

I enjoyed talking to him.

We'll be friends forever.

How far are you going?


She cooks well.


Let's just get rid of them.

It was a most beautiful flower.

He squashed my hat flat.

I think perhaps you're right.

He makes me work more than ten hours each day.