We create modern, scalable, cross platform applications.

We know engineering.



We support all major desktop operating systems, Chrome OS, Linux, MacOS and Windows.

Smart Tv

We support major manufactures such as Samsung, Sony and LG.


We support Windows Phone, Blackberry, FirefoxOs, Android and iOS


We develop enterprise level web apps and browser plugins. We support latest versions of all major browsers.

Internet of Things

Our scalable architecture is perfect for next generation of IoT devices.

Cloud services

Our microservice architecture provide infrastructure that is easily scalable and highly available.

Cross platform

Our biggest strength is that same application can be ported to multiple devices on different operating systems. We support Linux, MacOS, Windows, Smart TVs, Android, iOS, browsers and more.


Our applications are powered by backend services that are easily scalable and highly available.

Lightning Fast

Performance is very important for us and we don't make compromises.

Fully Responsive

Applying modern design principles, our applications are available across multiple devices and are always responsive and retina ready.

Well Documented

We provide our clients full documentation on project. Just in case you want to hire us for maintenance.

End to end tested

In order to guarantee quality, we provide full suite of automate tests as well as manual verification.

Contact Us

If you have a project for us, let us know!