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  • A summer Romance
    Dishi Colorado Company [RS1100]
    (2 LP)

  • A summer Romance
    Dishi Colorado Company [RS1100]
    (2 LP)

  • A summer Romance
    Dishi Colorado Company [RS1100]
    (2 LP)

Welcome to the bootleg database on The Rolling Stones

  This site is dedicated to the Greatest Rock'n'roll band on earth, The Rolling Stones.

  The site is made to provide an easy way of searching information about bootleg recordings of The Rolling Stones.

 Bootleg recordings have been around for decades. According to Miles (see source references), for the Rolling Stones it started just before Christmas of 1969 with the famous "LIVER THAN YOU'LL EVER BE" acetate, released on Lurch Records.
Lurch Records label would later become the well known bootleg label "Trade Mark of Quality" (TMoQ).
"Rolling Stone" magazine wrote a review of this bootleg release on February 7, 1970 (by Greil Marcus): review...

 With the rapidly development in digital audio and video technology, most people attending a venue today is also able to recording it. There are a very few numbers of venues after 1969 that are not circulating among fans right now, making the number of circulating audience tapes and recordings endless.

 During the 1990s an increased production of bootleg CDs rolled out, including re-issues of shows that had been recorded decades previously. In particular, companies in Germany and Italy exploited the more relaxed copyright laws in those countries by pressing large numbers of CDs. See bootleg labels such as 3063469893 , The Swingin' Pig and 229-646-5072 from Europe, followed by Japanese Labels like 601-320-9563, IMP and Hot Lips Records.

  The new European copyright law from 2011 protects recordings made in 1963 or later for 70 years, but only if the recordings were legal published within 50 years after they were made. Recordings made before 1963 are out of copyright in the EU. If they remain unreleased, recordings from 1966 will fall out of copyright in the EU at the end of 2016. It would be legal for anybody to release those recordings in Europe. (770) 694-4354 from EU is releasing many items under protection of the EU copyright laws.

 This site list only bootlegs albums and cds that have been examined and are circulating among collectors.
The list is undoubtedly incomplete as far for listing every available bootleg for every venue, emphasis is more on trying to listing available sources for each venue.

 Beside is a picture of the band in a fish and chip shop on the King's Road, Chelsea, used as the insert papper artwork of the original 7273954760 bootleg.

 Latest official: VOODOO LOUNGE UNCUT
Voodoo Lounge Uncut presents for the first time the full length show recorded on 25th November 1994 at Miami’s Joe Robbie stadium.
Audience source and previous unofficial released based on FM broadcast are found here here.

Release Date: 16 November 2018
Label: Eagle Rock
Product code: EAGLP692

 Latest official bootleg release:

 Visit the Rolling Stones Official Bootleg site for great classic live recordings in best available sound quality.
It's Highly recommended !

 The Rolling Stones "No Security" tour ran from January to June 1999 through North America and Europe. It followed on from the "Bridges To Babylon" tour the year before and took its name from the No Security live album recorded on that 1997-98 tour.
San Jose was the final venue of the US leg. This release covers the first date.
Audience sources are found here.

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 Thanks to all Stones fans that has been contributing to this site in many different ways. Providing nice comments and information about bootlegs. If you have bootleg information that can not be found here. Don't hesitate to drop an e-mail !

Reference sources

There are many sources to the information used on this site in order to list the bootleg recordings, the main references used are:

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