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With a microwave oven like this, it's always New Year's Eve!


Warren poured the remaining beer into the sink.

The predictive power of this theory has been demonstrated time and time again.

Jerry relaxed on the couch.

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Kelly didn't think it was quite fair.

Revised is reading a book.

First, let's talk about what Sofia did.

What will become of the children after his death?

Thank you for helping us solve the problem.


Young people are apt to go to extremes.


Vaughn called to say that he couldn't attend today's meeting.


It was a usual evening in the King of Hyrule's Castle.

"How many beers did you have before I came over?" "I only had five or six."

This fish is inexpensive but nourishing.

The people are under pressure.

The necklace is cheap at a hundred dollars.


I've got to get my passport back.

Yes, I have heard mention of that, but I love to hear it from you.

These are for her.

The baby lies sleeping.

Is it OK if I go out with him?

It's definitely a bad idea.

We enjoyed the quiz show on television last night.

Does she still have baby teeth?

He wasn't sure why he found her attractive.

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Leave it behind.

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It's fifty kilometers to Paris.

You need not fret over such trifles.

I hope there's still some bread left.

I just want to read the news.

So, Who is your best friend? Tell me about him or her? What is s like? What is he like?

That really wasn't supposed to happen.

I wish to see.

I have to study Japanese.

The man asked me who I was, but I didn't think I had to answer.

What did you do with my pants?

Nobody likes a know-it-all.

It looks like a bar.

Sergeant got a ticket for speeding.

One day you'll thank me.

Dylan and Julianto are late.

Guillermo pulled himself together.

After dinner, I walk on the beach.

I expected worse.

It is usually at the coffee shop that I meet him.

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You do nothing else but eat.


He developed his business.

Take a moment to imagine what the polar bear's environment is like.

Don't you trust Greg?

The darkest place is under the candlestick.

Sadly, my cat has gone away somewhere.


I saw it on TV.

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No one can go in there.

I don't know where my crutches are. Have you seen them?

He is radical in thoughts.

I wish I had a house of my own.

We live in the neighborhood of the school.

Who did that?

Are you interested?

Of course, that's just me.

Wendy explained the rules to Arthur.


That village is the enemy's last stronghold.


After death my soul turns into nothing.

I wish I'd stayed in touch with Stephan.

I usually take size eight shoes.


What time does the airport bus leave?

We haven't reached our goal.

Novorolsky felt like dancing.

Put down your name and address.

To film the soccer game, we need to find a place with an unobstructed view.

Those are values that we all share.

What's your favorite thing to do?

The police arrested him.

We offered Harry a gift.

Subra often drank chocolate milk when he was a kid.

Who writes the fortunes that are inside fortune cookies?


Many people are not comfortable with suppository medicine.

I just want to know why you didn't come over to help yesterday.

I lived in Boston many years.

A team is composed of eleven players.

That's the nicest thing anyone's ever said to me.


She's the one with a family.


That would've been simple.

Would you cash these travelers checks, please?

Can you gift-wrap this, please?

The speaker was restrained in his attitude.

The church bells are ringing.

She is too old for you.

Are you crazy, or what?


Turn back, please.

I thrust my hand into my pocket.

We've talked to Bradley about that.

It was a little embarrassing.

She's not as old as Skip.

That you will leave this town, saddens me.

Who's the D. J. today?

Facebook closed his page.

Time you've enjoyed wasting was not wasted.

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You didn't mean it, did you?

He kissed me and then I slapped him.

I would like to try it. Where is the fitting room?

Her brother looked at her.

He knows how to teach languages.

Who shot him?

You can do it like this.

On November 3rd, 1957, Sputnik 2 blasted into Earth orbit with a dog named Laika aboard. Laika, which is Russian for "Husky" or "Barker," had the real name of Kudryavka ("Little Curly").

I thought that would work.


He has mastery of his temper.

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I can't be without you.


What does Pratap think of all this?

I don't want to offend him.

The difficult question is where.

Why don't we call it a day?

Mwa must be winning.

I would be willing to help you.

Unfortunately, an error has occurred.

How about eating out with me?

The website was undergoing maintenance.

It's just a hobby.

The dog came running to us.

This makes me so angry.

The boy has a hunger for adventure.

I'd like it if you would keep an eye on Caroline.

It is easy to be wise after the event.

I wonder what Andries is planning.

Curtis smiled to himself.


What she bought was very expensive.

The play went over well.

They offered it to me first.

I told you to keep away.

Rainer is quite crazy.

I need a huge favor.

Can you ever forgive us?


Marian looked around to make sure nothing else was happening.

When his wife died, he received dozens of letters of sympathy.

They traveled by car.


She was late as a result of the heavy snow.


My wife loves her garden.

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"They lost again." "You don't say. What's that, eight in a row?"

You were reading.

We didn't see any while we were there.


That's so cool.

Are you going to have dinner here with me?

Do you play any other instruments besides the piano?

His humour is very deadpan.

Manjeri is older than he looks.

In lieu of the preposition "je" one can also use the accusative without a preposition.

Though some have been claiming ownership of extraterrestrial land, to include the Moon, are these claims bona fide?

I'll get in touch with them.

A family should not spend all of its money to keep someone alive on a machine.


They are not used to our customs yet.

She was bursting with health.

Clem and I'll be best friends forever.

When I heard the news, I wanted to cry.

That hat looks really good on Syd.

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I know how uncomfortable you are.

Can we have dinner tonight?

Don't hate yourself.

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The actors appeared in historical costumes.

The rooster crows.

In outer space there is no atmosphere so turbines and propellers cannot work there. This explains why a rocket works in space but a turbine engine or a propeller does not work.

You have to read Rumi's Mathnawi.

I forgot them.

Boyce looked under the car to see if there was any oil on the pavement under the car.

They should sue him.

Jussi turned around and faced Rajeev.

Kyung rushed to her aid.