We will do nothing against your will.

I can't seem to quit smoking.

I sincerely hope that you will soon recover from your illness.

Kenn stood looking out one of the windows.

It's not an evil idea, but it is a bad one.

If you want to pick on somebody, pick on me.

Dan is in no apparent pain.

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I can't go until he comes.

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I think I'll go to Boston next weekend.


Here is the house where he lived.

Now my life will be better!

Louise is Markus's real estate agent.

You're not my boss anymore.

Okay, I got it. Cut the BS.

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For no one could perform the miraculous sign you are doing if God were not with him.

I don't have time to play games with you.

You're both missing the big picture.

Kazuo is an ambitious young man.

Joachim likes her job.

I've been keeping a diary in French for the last three years.

She fell asleep crying.

How to track the least visited pages and what to do with them?

All the children hugged their parents.

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These kittens are so cute and cuddly.

This can be easily proven.

Ravindran's family moved around quite a lot when he was a kid.


He raised me.

They stole horses and cattle.

I suppose that behind each thing we have to do, there's something we want to do...

Don't leave me.

We were just having a little fun.

A good idea crossed his mind.

He addressed my full attention to the landscape outside.

She shared the room with two other sisters.

Do you happen to know any Professor Braun?

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She said that her life was so boring. It figures because all she did was watch TV all day.

The temperature fell below zero last night.

We try to help everyone we can.


What is he famous for?

That's his specialty.

Floria could've done that without your help.

Yesterday the teacher told us that he would give us a test today.

"I dreamed of you yesterday." "Seriously? And what was I doing?"


Naomi fell in the orchestra pit during her performance and broke her arm.

If you always travel by subway, you seldom surface other than at your stop.

The parents were worried that their child might be autistic.

I believe this is wrong.

Have you studied abroad?

Plants take in water from the soil.

We help her.

I'm afraid that she'll refuse my request.

I want to see you dance.

That would take too long.

Who authorized this purchase?


The show is on Tuesday.

I'm thrilled with my purchase.

I don't understand the world anymore.

What did John sing on the stage?

It's a rare thing to run into a famous musician on the street.

Ariel saw Collin sitting at a table with another man.

Do you mean to tell me you can't find one?

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He was treated with great cruelty.

I'm going to give you my bicycle.

We're good friends.

She always cries when he is drunk.

I went to the bakery.

We need a maid.

Do you believe these rumors?

I will give you a bike for your birthday.

Ronni was very skeptical.


It's the biggest house in the neighborhood.

Kyung has been living just outside Boston for years.

Hamilton is a very neat person, isn't he?

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I'm starting to enjoy it.

He has lost weight.

You're holding it, aren't you?

It's dangerous to climb a mountain in bad weather.

I thought I'd say hello to them.

Amigo has been learning French for a few years.

While the well-being of each individual is important, the well-being of the whole is more important.

A car cut in.

Would you like another drink?

Where can I buy a bathing suit?

Elizabeth hardly ever relies on other people's help.


You were manipulating Vincenzo.

Let's beat it before it gets too late.

We all abide by law to live in any society.

I just wish I knew why this keeps happening.

It was Laurel who gave me the painting hung on the chimney.

I just sent the contract to Isidore.

I'm at the airport.


I can't speak Turkish.

You don't know that for certain.

I don't speak Chinese.


You're just a boy.

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How many countries does the Euphrates river cross?

My room is a mess.

I've changed my mind.

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Why did you keep it a secret?

The 2014 Sochi Winter Olympics official mascots are The Polar Bear, The Hare, The Leopard and two aliens called The Snowflake and The Ray of Light.

Not everyone is honest.

Have a little respect.

I just met them yesterday.

This is his plane.

Recently we have had many mild days.

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You shouldn't do that anymore.

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I'm just minding my own business.

He's a complete and utter moron.

Dancing is not a crime.

My whole family perished in the fire.

You have very little choice.

Which language would you prefer to use?

Sundaresan was molesting his ten-year daughter, Judge.


We know enough.

One can't be everywhere at the same time.

Don't expect me to do it for you. It's your baby.

In this troubled world, it is safer to stay at home, read about exotic places and dream.

Who was responsible?


If you stick around after class, I can help you with your essay.


She worked hard in order to save money.

Australia is a very lucky country.

Do you know where Stephe hides his money?


Is this the train station?

Sorrel didn't even flinch.

I think the movie is almost over.

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Leif sees this in a different way.


To be sure.

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We're nowhere near the border.


I'd like to buy a map.

I had an interesting day today.

Susan has already told me how he feels.

Nicolette has a flower in her hair.

Karl may not be as rich as he seems.

Meehan called Manolis up.

Humility is a forgotten virtue.

Tobias is trying to be nice.

What caused the traffic jam down the street?

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I'll put in a word for you.

The others don't want me here.

We haven't yet discussed that problem.

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I enjoy spending time with Roy.

I cannot recall anything else at this time.

We won't be buying anything.

The fire was too hot, and the cakes were burned quite black on the bottom.

Will you stay at home tonight?

I like to leave things up in the air.

It just doesn't work.

I come from a large family.

Christina didn't realize Diane was so rich.


I was glad to see that he finally came to his senses.

I opened the box, but I found it empty.

Where did you come from?

Don't you worry about it.

All the guests have gone home.

The bus went by without stopping.

We're not sure what's going to happen.


Her face was drenched with sweat.

Can't you get him to stop?

I want to know what you'll do.


When will she have to go abroad?

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I hate fighting.

If that woman will love me for who I am for a lifetime, I would marry her.

I thought you might change your mind.


Her sons have gone to Tokyo.