She had a real talent for smoothing over troubled situations.

Tell her to write me.

The universe is a large school.

She's Brazilian.

Most Germans can speak English.

I am fortunate compared with him.

She writes to her son from time to time.

I want to make a private visit.

This is a very complicated piece of equipment.

That's what I wanted to talk to you about.

I'm quite certain.

He went abroad last year.


Do you really want to wake Bradford up?

There is no cure for birth and death save to enjoy the interval.

He is eighteen months old.

Did you see him that night?

A missed opportunity never comes again.


We thought it was perfect.

I'm glad you agree.

Do you all learn Esperanto?


Val doesn't want to have anything to do with Marilyn.


No one can deny the fact that fire burns.

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He's under treatment.

Hunter skipped French class yesterday.

We'll live like kings.

Donal said that he needed to get some sleep.

I hardly remember her.

That's right, folks!

I love Nara, particularly in the fall.


The castle shone in the rising sun as if it were on fire.

She was, as many of us were, very shy in her childhood.

Sjouke saw you.

You better come.

Spyros Skeleton, the ancient stage doorkeeper, sat in his battered armchair, listening as the actors came up the stone stairs from their dressing rooms.

I don't have anything to do right now.

It is a very pragmatic culture.


It is preferable that she do it alone.

My mood depends totally on the weather.

Joon turned up at Those's party even though he wasn't invited.

Dick created that group.

Few girls were late for school.

He is a man with a classical education.

Knowledge without common sense will lead you nowhere.

I don't know how many times we'll need to come here.

All right. I'll take it.


I still can't get over the fact that you got fired!


Money cannot make up for lost time.

You may answer.

That would be lovely.

What do you want to do with this old chair?

You might have added it instead of writing it in comments.


He sounded a little disappointed.

Gimme a look-see.

Do you know where she is?

If you see the sight, you'll go bananas.

Spike seems to like talking about himself.


I want to go on a trip with you.

I picked Jeanette up from school.

Bruce has the day off.


Ramsey got caught in a traffic jam.

He would sit in the sun doing nothing.

She takes great pride in her appearance.

Srinivas ate all the food I had stashed.

Let me give you a bit of advice.


Don't you think I'm pretty?

What goes around comes around.

The soldiers fought valiantly, but finally they had to give in.


Did you tell Guillermo about your plans?

It has been snowing day after day.

I met him outside the greengrocer's.

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There are two kinds of work in the world--head work and hand work; mental and manual.


Back then it was different.

What time does the next train bound for Tokyo leave?

I saw Shin'ichi in Kakogawa yesterday.


I telephoned her at once.

Humans are the only animals that laugh.

Water freezes at 32 degrees Fahrenheit.

You've had really a rough day, haven't you?

It is difficult to get him to do anything on the spur of the moment.


Steen wants to be a doctor when he grows up.

Help each other with homework.

We had our priorities, they had their preferences, and we came to an impasse.

The floor is dirty.

Boyd says that he'll come tomorrow.

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He woke up from his sleep.


I would like to travel alone.

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I knew you'd come after me.

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To make matters worse, his wife fell ill.

I am all but ready.

Marvin asked Natraj to do something she didn't want to do.

That's not what I had intended to say.

With so many people absent this week, we weren't able to complete the project.


You're the best-looking girl in the room.


It looks amazing.

Which is old?

My father was taking a nap on the sofa, with his legs stretched toward the fire.


The class was made up of 15 boys and as many girls.


The melon smells sweet and tastes very nice.

What information are you requesting?

This is the first time I've ever whistled in the classroom.


I'm not supposed to be doing this.


No one likes to hear their work criticised.

I would like to consider the implications we can draw from the application of Emmet's theory to chemistry.

See what you can do with it.


Morris sat silently for 30 minutes.

We just need to do better next time.

I never exchanged a word with him.

Personally, I think there is some truth to both sides. I believe the moon landing and Pluto fly-by were real, but all of the Mars landings and flybys of Jupiter's moons were hoaxes.

Syed is not like the other girls.

This is crazy and disgustingly sad.

This is my job.


Make sure you don't listen too loud with these new earphones!


She's been practicing piano for a year and can play the piano somewhat.

What did Juri know?

Don't stare at others.

Did you get a haircut?

She takes a taxi from the station to her house.

Give me a minute.

You learned from the best.

I'm coming home.

Since the bridge looks like a pair of glasses, they call it Meganebashi.

You need to be at this afternoon's meeting.

Oh, I haven't decided what I'm going to do yet.

He's got the gift of the gab.

You should stay away from cults like that before you turn into a moron.

I'm not ready to do that.

I had no idea you were so good at playing the guitar.

We enjoyed ourselves to the fullest.

No controversy is ever over for good. It will always resurface at some point.


I knew I should've stayed home.

It's been ages since we last met.

I loved him.

Let's go find him.

Well, time is up. Let's finish the lesson now.

You can keep this dictionary if necessary.

I'm painting the house.

My job is to know these things.

Blaine isn't in New York now.


Are there people whose mother tongue is Esperanto?


My parents have made me what I am today.

There used to be a grocery store around the corner.

The singer's voice melts your heart.

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Without doubt, what people worship first is what they see most often; for example, the animals that had the closest connection to people's lives, like the horse, the cow, the sheep, the rooster, the dog and so on.

Is there a quiet corner in here where I can study?

They're only in it for the money.

She called me a fool and what not.

Sports can be dangerous if safety is ignored.


I'm doing the right thing.


You can't buy that now.

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Combat soldiers during peaceful moments like to reminisce of their halcyon days.

I think that Esperanto is a difficult language.

He has become fond of sports.


Come sit by me.

A molecule of water is made up of one oxygen and two hydrogen atoms.

Myrick is extremely obedient.

You already look like an alien.

We help each other.

Just painted.

Get set.

He is something of a stamp collector.

I think I'm fat.