Don't Know the User or Master Code for your Ademco Security System?

Just move into a home with an Ademco Security System and don't know the code? Not a problem, as a Member, Alarm Tech Online offers Step by Step instructions for changing both the Installer Code and Master Code even if you don't know what they are currently along with all the manuals for the system *. More Info

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Save Hundreds on service calls by fixing most problems yourself.
"It's not rocket science"
when you have the right information.

Ademco Online Support What would it cost to have an alarm company come out and service your alarm for you? , $95 dollars or more and/or will try to lock you into a 3 or 5 year contact at $35 a month or more? You do the math.

Alarm Tech Online formally known as Ademco Online is a Division of Bright Alarm and was developed to assist the DIY 'er in designing, installing, programming and maintaining their Ademco home security systems. Ademco, now owned by Honeywell does not give support to homeowners.

On the internet now, you can find Ademco equipment sold directly to the homeowner. This can save the homeowner hundreds of dollars on the cost of having the Ademco system installed. However, some of these company's do not provide support after the sale and Ademco, now Honeywell does not give support directly to homeowners. Ademco Online, now Alarm Tech Online .com was developed because of the need for support to homeowners.

" Thanks so much for your site - it has already paid for itself by explaining things to a novice that the install-ation/programming manuals consistently muddled.

The 'Ask a Tech' site is absolutely great - they know the answers and have a great response time: no more searching security site forums!!!

The Vista 20P programming pages made the installation and setup a simple task - trying to interpret the manual was very time consuming and frustrating."

Rob Lehnert

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Manuals and Troubleshooting Tips ...

When you sign up for Alarm Tech Online paid access you will have access to design tips, Ademco user manuals, Ademco installation manuals, Ademco programming forms, Step by Step installation and programming tips and trouble shooting tips to fix most any problem you may have with your Ademco security system. This site was developed based on the Ademco Vista 15P, Vista 20P and 4110XM security systems. You will also find information on the Ademco LynxR and Lynxr-EN wireless security systems along with manuals and troubling shooting tips for almost any Ademco Security System. Manuals Available

"I am very skeptical of ordering service over the internet, been ripped off before, but this is everything that it advertises, awesome, fixed my problem within 15 min. after joining thanks guys, entertaining using your virtual service."

Ademco - Honeywell Compass Downloader Software

Ademco Online CompassAlong with all the manuals and tips, you will also have access to Ademco's Compass Software. Compass Downloader Software takes security system programming to a whole new level. This network compatible software provides a quick and easy method for planning, designing and communicating with the Control Panels. With Compass Downloader, you can also upload system programming that has been manually entered into the panel, or previously downloaded. (Compatible Modem Required). Works with XP and WIndows 7 in XP mode. Compass 2.0 NOW available online for download, Works with Windows




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Member Comments

" I am SO happy I found this site! After numerous calls to other alarm companies to come reset my system; without success unless I sign a contract with them, I started looking online. I found this site, and I found EVERYTHING I needed to reset the system myself. The web site is very easy to navigate. Knowing your model # makes it even easier! I even got information to re-program my keypad. This is such a huge help to a new homeowner with an existing system and no prior documentation. I am so excited and cant wait to get home & start programming! THANK YOU SO MUCH!"

Amanda Cokendolpher

"I was having problems trouble shooting the 4110XM. I needed Technical Support; but it was the weekend and no one was open or available to me. I found this site on Sat. I bought a Membership on Sun. and with in an hour I found the information I needed and was able to fix the problem. I would strongly urge any installer use the information contained in this site. It is informative, easy to use and understand. Thanks!"

J.C. Jackson