Why put a square peg in a round hole? Custom solutions for how you work.

Other software solutions force your organization to adapt to a new software solution. By using our powerful tools, configured to your needs, we quickly save you time, money and frustration.


By programmaticallyop capturing syndicated content from feeds and data from custom bots, we create systems that deliver timely information to the analyst.

Analysts work collaboratively within the aggregated content engines to customize the data flowing in to the system.


Systems we design assist analysts in categorizing information, identifying and tracking patterns in that data.

Custom tools such as tagging, geo-coding, clustering, machine translation, sentiment analysis, and entity / relationship / topic extraction assist a team of analysts in making sense of large amounts of data.


Allowing teams of analysts to work together, collaboratively to gather facts, and form hypotheses is a cornerstone of the solutions we create.

Audited alerts can be triggered by both analysts and automated systems to quickly disseminate and exchange information securely with only the parties that need to know.

Pay attention to the signals of substance, not the complexity of your tools.

Phyrhose intelligence solutions are crafted with usable interfaces that cater to new users, yet satisfy expert analysts.


Today's organizations are dispersed, working asynchronously across the globe. Our tools are customized and configured to match your organization's structure and analysts' work practices and flow.


Data compartmentalization options allow you to decide which individuals and teams get access to which information, reporting and tools.


With Phyrhose's extensive data connection and export libraries, as well as opportunities to tailor new libraries specific to your data and sources, you don't have to worry about being locked in to your vendor's way of doing things.