I wanted to be an inventor when I was young.

Gilles plays quarterback on our high school's football team.

It doesn't matter where he comes from.

The doctor's careful examination of the patient brought about his speedy recovery.

They have many different fish to try.

Ssi pointed out some problems.


I'd like to shake your hand.

She's got to get ready for dinner.

"When the dead weep, they are beginning to recover," said the Crow solemnly.

This only happens about once a year.

Miles went on a blind date.

They said there was not enough time for a full investigation.

I was impressed by the general knowledge of Japanese students.


Compile an essay on that topic within a fixed number of letters.

This bomb could destroy the whole world.

He was never to return to his native country again.

Do you have any news for me?

I wish I could figure out how to get more people to visit my website.

That didn't used to happen.

They sell furniture.


I lived in Japan three years ago.

The weather is just perfect.

Come what may, I will never leave you.

She was an actress.

This time, I'll check, double-check and check again.

We were truthful.

Even though the United States is a developed country, it still has some very poor people.

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We used to fight.

Let's pretend we're happy together.

I can't tell her from her twin sister.


You sold me out.


Come with me, come with us!

I'd like to go out with you.

I should like to go for a swim.

And if we have time, I'd like to take a look at their cosmetics.

I don't like to walk.

Absolute privacy on Facebook is an illusion. It doesn't exist in reality.

The man pleaded for mercy, but he was sentenced to twenty years in prison for his crime.


I introduced her to you last week.


Can you help me get to the hospital?

Last night I dreamt of you.

Danger. Keep out!


They had nothing.

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His personality is marked by forwardness.


Paul needs to wise up.

That's great. Nobody gives me anything.

She has little contact with the children's father.

I'd be glad to help.

This is where I absolutely disagree with you.

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We have the most money.

I'm going to call Susanne tomorrow.

Stacey and Hugh want you to find someone to babysit for them.

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I'd like to talk to you.


No one will ever forget them.


Smoke comes out of the chimney.

When you're in a hurry, it's easy to make a mistake.

Marcia will get here soon.

The hard work paid off.

Mame uses a coffee mill to grind coffee beans.


Sabrina used to eat meat.

Will this amount of money meet your need?

Anybody have a match?

We cannot stand quiet and watch people starve.

Julianto started playing rugby three years ago.

The piece was arranged for piano and orchestra.

The little boy hung his head and said nothing.

You should get rid of these weeds.

This watch is shock-proof.

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Lana tossed his sleeping bag into the tent.

There was a voice crying in the field.

Randal has lived in Boston for over a year.

Children always find a reason to become friends.

Japan depends on Arab countries for oil.

Why did you pick us?

I don't want to cause you any trouble.


This is what you've been waiting for.


Jeannette was dying to meet Larry.

She is about forty.

What do you want the message to be?

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I'm looking for a small suitcase.

Where shall I wait for you?

I'm pretty sure that Sergiu would tell us if we were wrong.

Few people have two cars.

In ancient times, plagues killed many people.

Help me lift this box.

There was no avoiding her.

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Did you feel that?

Anatoly is the boss around here.

Toby wants to stop us.

Their apprehensions were justified.

If you are hungry, you can eat the bread.


When the snow melts, it becomes water.


I don't know how to operate a spinning wheel.


Wait until the light changes to green.

I wasn't the one who did that.

Do you know where she is?

The point is, why didn't you tell me?

Don't let him keep this picture.

Mike swims very well.

Shahid reached for his cell phone.

This is a plan that takes into account your stature and your ability to guard. By all means do it for me.

He has been keeping company with Ann for three months.


I'll have to clear this with my superiors.

With these stupid attitudes, Maria doesn't do more than proving her own arrogance.

I like to chew tobacco.

Shannon tried to distract the police so Syun could escape.

We shared ideas.

That'll be $30.

The nurse tied a rubber tube around my arm before he drew blood.

I'm doing pretty well.

Are we gonna have popcorn?

His complaints never cease.

We have been charmed by her vintage but eclectic style.

Old was accused of lying to the court in an effort to diminish his culpability.

Terrence is always one step ahead of us.

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Let's not try that again.

Heinrich was still happy.

Can somebody help me?

She interpreted his remarks as a threat.

Is the cat all right?

We must get rid of this foul garbage right away.

He finishes his homework before going to bed.

"That's very nice of you," Willie answered.

Is that all it says?

I will have to help them.

My grandfather turned 89 years old.

Be a good child!

I think it is good for students to clean their classroom.

Well, let's give it a try.

Norman didn't feel like sitting for two hours in a movie theater.

I go by the nickname "Itch."

What's the best fertilizer for tomato plants?

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Can you make do with sandwiches for lunch?

I'm sorry, I have to see off the guests now.

My house is near the post office.


Jeanette admitted that it was due to his carelessness that the accident had happened.

If you laugh a great deal, you are happy; if you cry a great deal, you are unhappy.

Pedro was driving to the Mexican border.

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Ernie came out of the closet at work.

Don't forget your passport.

She continues to support the project.

I have an idea for a song.

I want to be with her.

Rayan is taking Jem out to dinner tomorrow.

Let go into the moment.

Have you thought about what I said?

Whose stuff is this?

Do what you can, with what you have, where you are.

We opposed his plan to build a new road.

Did you attend Harvard?

How far is it from here to that station?

I want to be normal.

I wonder where I put my glasses.


Al has helped me a lot.


Don't you remember them?


It made me uncomfortable.

I'll ruin my clothing.

This applies to your case as well.

Who would want to help us?

Suyog doesn't seem to want to go with us.

Last year's growth of income was 5% after inflation.

The tracks run parallel to the road.

I can't show you.

Help yourself to anything you like.


You have to tell him.


I'm surprised that you didn't know that Sanche got into Harvard.