Martyn loves professional wrestling.


I'm not in love with Miek.

Tell me as much about that as possible.

He is a man with a lovable character.

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We threw the ball in turn so that everyone could have a try.

What have you learned about Dylan so far?

You should live staring reality right in the eye.


What is all this bother about?

Could you tell me how to get to Grafton street from here?

Seeing that he is angry, there must be some misunderstanding.

He got all his information from secondary sources.

I just don't want you to misunderstand me.

Why would anyone do this if they didn't have to?

Monday is trash day.


He accused the man of stealing.

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By and large, this school is one of the best.

But for the heat of the sun, what would become of the living things on earth?

Graham told the children an interesting story.

The man you saw in my office yesterday is from Belgium.

My favorite teacher was Mr. Jackson.

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Give this to Ramu.

He cannot argue without losing his temper.

The drum is weak.


Can you tell me the code for Paris, please?

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Put them on the baking pan and smear them with egg whites.

How many shots did you fire?

Roberta ran as fast as a leopard.

You have nothing whatever to worry about.

You don't realize how lucky you are.

Max's parents wanted him to study harder.

Russia is a Nordic country.


When did you find out about it?

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I thanked him for his help.


You can't give up on Syun.

How did the company dream up its new ad campaign?

Thank you for teaching me how to do this.

Cathryn isn't here right now.

The boys were banging about upstairs.

Everybody leave.

Leonardo da Vinci began painting Mona Lisa in 1503.


My brother-in-law died last Friday.

Which one do you like?

What is John doing now?


Does Chuck want to see me?

Cases of this nature are decreasing.

When you expect to get something for nothing, the only person you're fooling is yourself.

Maria spends a lot of money on clothes.

We're open tomorrow night.

Gregge has an enormous appetite for adventure.

Japanese cars are right hand drive.


Why should I talk to her?


Brender knows him.

Please tell them I'm here.

I hear you were in Boston recently.

The ears of a rabbit are longer than those of a fox.

Let Dominic know where I am.


We understand that.

That's a lovely pair of eyes you have.

It was half full.


MasterCard and Visa are accepted.

I'm joking.

My brother took me to the museum.


Mat and Arthur are great friends.

All the houses in town were empty.

I am deeply in debt to him.

There wasn't anybody in the house.

Let's make a recording.

Torsten goes out with Andrea three or four times a month.

Two of the most important things you can have in your life are friendships and dreams.


Flowers do not talk.

Which of the two has the bigger penis?

You shouldn't listen to Patricio.

I thought Sugih had stopped smoking.

When she came to the place where the footpath led across the marsh, she found small pools of water, and a great deal of mud, so she threw the loaf of bread into the mud, and walked upon it, so that she might pass without wetting her feet.

They're debating about raises.

Don't you think you should tell Laura about this?

I don't think Kenn wants to see Murat.

What would you like to be when you grow up?

I'm sure you'll be welcome.

Joyce didn't have to get up as early today as he usually does.

This soup is really delicious, right?

The newly married couple walked hand in hand.

I thought you'd be out searching for Kathryn.

She talks a lot about her father.

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Philippe is taller than Jeff.

Raphael owns everything now.

It won't be easy to sell this house.

Did you look under the car?

I bent over to pick up the pen.

How long is too long?

Sridhar certainly knows how to party.


They have just arrived.

I got a stomach tumor and had to have it operated on.

What use is it to us now?

I'm sure everything will be OK.

I should've done what Bobbie asked.

The show is over.

Christophe didn't answer at once.

The door is closed.

The point is whether she will come or not.

I had never thought about it.

Go wake him up.


It's a custom to celebrate Christmas.


Kitty works for a large factory.

I can prove Dalton did it.

Speak louder that your grandpa does not hear that well already.


I am a student at Hyogo University.

I bumped into an old friend on the bus.

Lin looked around the room, but no one else was there.

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A clear conscience is the sure sign of a bad memory.

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Well, I should be going.

It made me a little sad.

You're stronger than Leon is.


How far away is the sea?

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Hey, you! Come here.

Tanaka is looking for the rope.

Dwight is a bad golfer.

What else does Merat do?

Let me see if Mikael has changed his mind.

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I made a lot of stupid mistakes.

I should've introduced myself.

Beckie spends way too much time playing games.


I had to stay in bed for a while.


Who could blame me?

I can feel it in my heart.

He's capable of anything.


Bertrand was a little confused.

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He's a proper young man now.

Mosur isn't very hungry.

He finished this work for himself.

What's keeping him?

It would be better if you stayed with Kelly.

Stanly seems to know how.

The settlement is a matter of time.

I never meant you any harm.

Are you still in love with him?

Many local dialects seem to be dying out.

I need a musical instrument.

At least, that's what he said.

He is afraid of chopsticks.

Is Lorenzo still living?

The capital city of the Netherlands is Amsterdam.

That reminds me.

Here is a million hugs.


The house collapsed under the weight of snow.

This is the first time I've ever won a prize.

You never stop, do you?


I'll have to take him with me.

Have you framed those pictures I brought in last week?

I'm hoping it's only a temporary problem.

Nobody envied the old man, who was a millionaire.

Do you want to tell her?


How many times a week do you eat out?

Let's ask Kenton what we should do.

Gail wished that he knew Micah's telephone number.


Can you please explain that in more detail?

He is liable to shout when angry.

Don't expose him to the rain!

The boy spends hours drawing short stories about superheroes.

This is why we can't have nice things.

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I took apart the engine.