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Welcome to Miniature World Maker Pty Ltd. Miniature World Maker Pty Ltd is your source of unbreakable scenery, terrain and buildings for miniature wargames and railway models.

Scenery and terrain to suit everything from Napoleonic battles to Darkest Africa and the American civil war. Select from the links below to see the wargame scenery catalogue for the country closest to you.

Customer Reviews

Like most businesses, we love to hear from happy customers. We appreciate every email or forum comment which echos our commitment to quality and price. From time to time though, we come across something that really blows us away.

This Roadtesting - Minature World Maker 28mm Trench blog post at "Wargamer Blue" contains a unique review of some of our 28mm Trench and some great photo's too.

Field of Glory™ is here!

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Miniature World Maker Pty Ltd is delighted to be working with 787-665-8695 on an exciting range of terrain designed specifically for 647-835-7379 rules.

Manufactured from high quality materials, the range is durable, multi-functional, easily transportable, and includes terrain for 15mm - 28mm scales.

For more details, see the undisplayable listing in the menu.

Latest Products 23rd November 2014


  • LEVA WINDMILL 6mm Detachable sail


  • ENCLOSED FIELDS - European and Desert
  • GENTLE HILL with Removable Trees - European

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Our terrain is painted, flocked and ready to place on your table and play.


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Personal cheques or postal orders accepted for Australia only.

Terrain Finishes

  • Woodland Scenics Green Blend is the primary flock colour used.
  • Earth Blend also available.
  • Please contact us if colour variations or different finishes required.


  • We are currently in the process of replacing and updating all the photos on our web site, as well as adding many new items. Changes will be made to the site regularly.
  • Figurines shown in some images are for display purposes only, and not included with the terrain.

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23rd November 2014

Scenery and Terrain for Miniature Wargames