Axel wants to know what to do with all the stuff you left in his garage.

As food and drink is to animals, so are rain and sunshine to plants.


Rodger and Lorenzo have stopped talking to each other.


Dan isn't as good at French as you think he is.

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Rakhal sat at his desk grading papers.

Why would Vincenzo do something like that?

She gave him mouth-to-mouth resuscitation.

The operation was very serious, but Blaine came through.

It is better to live rich, than to die rich.

Suzanne has a plan for everything.

Our principal made a long speech.


I can't get over my cold.


She elbowed her way through the crowd.


Dan hung himself in his jail cell.

I never had a chance.

She almost drowned.

Some like tea, others prefer coffee.

Let me eat in peace, please.


Klaudia is in the back seat.


I'd rather play football than go swimming.


She believes her boyfriend is not guilty.

They have no children, to the best of my knowledge.

I asked them to come in.

"What did you have for lunch?" "Gyoza that Maria made herself. They were really delicious!"

Cells are the building blocks of life.

The baby is asleep. Don't make a noise.

I'm going to go shopping after lunch.

These goods are bound for China.

He just texted me. I think he's drunk again.

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I envy the friendship Daniele and Stagger have.

Tuna had an ultrasound to find out the sex of her and Juliet's unborn baby.

My father's little library consisted chiefly of books on polemic divinity, most of which I read.

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You probably think Lorenzo is cute.

Your room gets more sun than mine.

She was advised by him to go abroad while she was still young.


You are accountable to me for his actions.

Are you sure you don't want me to take you to the hospital?

I bet you're wondering why Pablo left so early.

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I really liked him.

Can you wake them up for me?

Yesterday we prepared some delicious fish in a new microwave.

This bolt fits this nut.

What did you get from Shutoku?

Hey, you're not going to make it.

We came here to buy a dress for our daughter.

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Why didn't Teri go with you?

There was a long line at the women's restrooms.

We've made way too many errors.

Do you require a security deposit?

Bernie won't be busy.

Many innocent people were saved from the hostage takers.

I played tennis all day.

You should ask her to help.

She hated him so much.


Amarth ended up not coming.

Did you remember that you were supposed to buy candles?

Nick didn't buy bread.


I'm not leaving with Van.

Blaine has been quite unlucky, hasn't he?

Lynne didn't know what to do with it.

The pilot lost control and the plane went into a dive.

Hirofumi is a robot.


We've made progress.

People who suffer from apnoea may get some relief by sleeping on one side instead of on the back or by elevating the upper body during sleep.

Virtually all sources of commercial peanut butter in the United States contain minute quantities of aflatoxin.

What are we going to do with that?

Thank you for all your help the other day.

I might be willing to do it.

The summer vacation lasts a couple of weeks.


He believes everything I say.


I might be able to see that.

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We have to clean the house tomorrow.

Dozens of letters are awaiting you.

We were really close.

Wasted time is irretrievable.

Why are you packing?

I had high hopes for Rand.

We know each other fairly well.


I think Philip is happy.

I did that ages ago.

Thank you for your help. - No worries.

What did Jose mean by that?

You must plug in the connector first.


Lynn never allowed Miriam to read his diary.

Did they say anything?

They handled it well.

Cathrin put on his sweater.

I apologize for that.


Now introduce yourself with these sentences!

I heard what Miriam said to you.

Everything you need is here.


She stayed in the house all day.

Julian is confident.

We're in serious trouble.

Jerald heard Kathy singing.

I thought you wanted to learn to speak French.

Around two to four per cent of Canadians suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder.

I live in Bucharest.

The service is fast.

Let's see if we can find out what's going on.

I'm engaged to Laurie.

No one seems to know her.

I pretended that I didn't know Tanya.

Thanks a lot and many regards to you all.

Valentin came by this morning.

Everybody laughed but Linda.

He looked upon any time not spent in study as so much lost time.

Wait for me. I'll be there in a minute or ten.

I was wondering what prompted that decision.

Dwayne never listens to what I'm trying to say.

Nobody knew what was going on in my country.

It's compact and lightweight.

Marcel probably doesn't even remember me.

Elizabeth wants to move here.


The cattle are starving.


That book costs 3,000 yen.

In the U.S., we say "bless you" to someone when they sneeze.

Do you object to smoking?


You alone can do this.

They're always fighting.

I don't have enough time to eat lunch today.

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Where were you hoping to visit?


"Nature is cruel and beautiful... like me," said Graham.

White smoke billowed from the Sistine Chapel.

Irfan is very warmhearted.

Do you know if Gunter is seeing anyone?

According to the papers, there was a big fire in the town.

He is sometimes absent from school.

Can you tell me what it is?

I didn't know how to do that until I was thirty years old.

Do you get the impression that all of our politicians are too old?


Now I know what's in store for me and can act accordingly.

You weren't tired.

Where in Austria did you grow up?

What's in the briefcase?

Mother bought me a new bicycle.

The price of food has gone up.

Kiki is going to be late again.

Do you intend to come tomorrow?

Was there anybody else besides you?


What have we got here?

I've never seen you cry.

Bryan may not be studying French anymore.

She trusts me.

I did the job to the best of my ability.

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You're the only one who hasn't done what I asked.

I can at least take them home.

Please inform profit after taxes, amortisation, etc


His paper is better than mine.


I want to learn all the words on this list by the middle of July.

I can ask Rhonda to help.

The sign warns us to look out for traffic.

Although I broke test tubes and played about with chemicals for fun, I did occasionally manage to obey the teacher's instructions as well; repeating experiments that others had long ago undertaken.

We've crashed and burned.

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I was walking in the direction of the town.

He and I are classmates.

A few flakes of snow were falling, and one of them, rather larger than the rest, alighted on the edge of one of the flower boxes.

Experience is not what happens to a person, but what he makes of it.

I want a hot shower before I go back to work.

What time did you get up this morning?

Nathaniel won the competition.

The archaeologist is studying old Roman ruins.

Panos is furious at what Anne did.

His bicycle is blue.

I told him it was urgent.