I swim almost every day in the summer.

Harold paid the bill and pocketed the change.

It's sort of fashionable, but the price is too high!

They seem so happy.

He decided he didn't love me anymore.

I appreciate your coming on such short notice.

Let's share the money.

Had it not been for your help, I couldn't have done it.


We parted at the corner.

Tell us a cultural experience you have experienced.

You have told another lie.

You're very clever.

She is always smiling.

I forbid that.

He's running for Congress.


Everybody looks up to him.


Randell thought I was Ricky.

Let's not let that happen.

You can't really blame Frances for that.

Many of us were tired.

Two thirds of the work is finished.


Tracy usually comes on time.

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Adlai loves shoes with high heels.

It would be funny, if it wasn't so tragic.

The most effective defense is offense.

I can't deliver this until you tell me where to deliver it to.

A monster lay on a rock near the top of the mountain.

Karen is all words and no action.

I'm going to my grandmother's.

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This is the second time that I have met him.

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This is apparently a good sentence.

I haven't forgotten our first date.

I've found a better way.

Fay bought some land near Boston.

It's your turn next.

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Yesterday I was told I looked like Kohei Tanaka.

I eat my breakfast at seven o'clock.

Kees broke both his arms.


Maybe that's something worth considering.

Vickie insisted that he acted alone.

You can use a fine-toothed comb to check for nits.


We're looking for her.

Brandon is considered trustworthy.

You mustn't shout at me like that.

Elwood has lived in Boston his entire life.

God's will first.

I never want to see your face again.

I hated Brandy at first.

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Now it's my brother's turn.

Klaus is unmoved.

Maybe your luck is changing.

I don't live here anymore.

I enjoyed living there.


I'm wondering whether to take on that job.

Does she need the book?

I am Thierry's grandfather.

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I was very impressed by his good behavior.


We need to talk about something.


Shankar never found out the truth about Nils and John.

The book that you brought is not mine.

He has not less than 100 dollars.


Srinivas's new puppy is so small he can fit into the palm of your hand.

You have to work harder on your Japanese studies.

Now get us out of here.

We are faced with many difficulties.

I've never heard such preposterous accusations!

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I'm engaged to Lori.


Sassan certainly is an old man.

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Get away from that.


She's grown quite thin since the last time I've seen her. I wonder if she's sick or something.

Hein motioned for Roman to enter.

It won't be long before we know the truth.

That will happen to you too.

It's enough to make you sick.

I hired one.

Did you talk to him?

My boss made me work last Sunday.

"It looked like you weren't having much fun." "Actually, I had a great time."


The police will be here any minute.


Sofoklis arrived at Huashi's house in the middle of the afternoon.


Why couldn't you tell him?

He thinks that she will leave.

Did you pick this?

Did I do something?

Thanks a lot!

I don't find that funny.

You're going to tell Joachim what happened, aren't you?

Hui spends all of his time painting.

Do you like your hot dog?

Say it in English.

Exports have been sluggish.

Do you have a fever? Your cheeks are all red.

It's second-hand.

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I just left her.


Jack Daniel's is a Tennessee whiskey.

This morning was tough.

Terry has been performing before large audiences lately.

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Keiko bought a new shelf, on which she put her dolls.

I agreed to do it.

You haven't been married long.


She showed no interest in the photos.

How long are you going to live in Shanghai?

You have to go back to Boston with us.


You've been deceived.

She coaxed and wheedled her unwilling child into going to the dentist with her.

The new final deadline is at 7 o'clock on June 10th.

Hand washing is generally considered to be the most important measure in preventing the spread of infection.

I decided to study stenography.

The telethon is a French TV program organized every year to collect funds in order to finance medical research.

He is going to be a doctor when he grows up.

The police never caught the guy who attacked Carlos.

He was a hero of the war of 1812 against Britain.

Are these bananas ripe?

Claudia is young and immature.

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I've already explained that.

Birth is the starting point for life's adventures.

How could you tell Jos and not tell me?

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She looked up at the tall tree.

Why would I wear that?

I went to drink a beer with friends.

Such measures were not necessary.

In the middle of the day, the sun sent its warm, pleasant rays into the valley, which transformed the expressions on the faces of the farmers we met along the way.

Let the concert begin!

Making changes will be difficult.

Do you like the colors?

I can't tell you how good it is to see Dory.

The noisy of heavy traffic was such that the policeman could not make himself heard.

Everyone loves puppets.

The guy I met yesterday didn't give me his real name.

Do you hear what I'm saying?


I'm impressed, Straka.

My name is Helen Jackson.

It took a lot of time.

Christopher is conferring with Joe.

What are you going to do?

I feel fresh after a walk.

It's the last one.

I hate being photographed.

They don't speak French.

Just because you found the sugarcane sweet doesn't mean you should eat it roots and all.

You owe him an apology.

I expect her to come back before lunch.

You've got to give up gambling once and for all.

I don't know your limits.

How long have you been married?


Do you have a biro?

I'm sure Ramsey will listen to reason.

Being a reporter is hard work.

The line isn't moving.

He was voted out.

I don't take any medicine.

The girl came around when we threw water on her face.

As soon as she saw me, she started to cry.

Where's Mark? He's having a shower.


Heather kicked him in the face.


Can I offer you some advice?

As far as I know, this book has never been translated into Japanese.

Here are a few examples.


I don't want to play checkers.

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I rarely, if ever, talk on the phone till late at night.


He apologized to the employee.


Lana lived a short, but happy life.