Your gift was like discovery of an oasis in the midst of a desert.

Matthias wasn't looking where he was going.

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He told me to go home and I obeyed him.

He failed, due to lack of money.

You should drop by his gallery if you have time.


Put the rubber boots on, or else you will get your feet wet!


I don't know how to spell that word.

An historical event on Tatoeba: on July 12, 2012, Esperanto outstripped Japanese concerning the amount of phrases and took the second place on the language poll.

I'll be back in thirty minutes so I'll be in time for the concert.

Woof, this was a tough one.

There's something else you need to do before you go home.

We're pretty confident.

He helped me carry the chair.

Alexander's mother constantly encouraged him to study.

One thing Marcia does that isn't very safe is that he uses the same password for every website.

It should be fun.

She's been having trouble with back pain for years.

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It is very far as far as I know.

I want to see what Anne found.

I'll call you when I get there.


We were sitting comfortably.

She did not come even as far as my house.

Perhaps you should buy a gun.

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The poor old woman had her bag stolen again.

I have no idea what you're talking about.

Tell Pim that.


I want to find a box for this.

God made time, but man made haste.

I'm going to my friend's place.


My father has quit smoking for the sake of his health.

We're going to have fish for dinner tonight.

You're sincere.

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You are bound to fail unless you study harder.


I will be glad to help you anytime.


I have stayed in Kyoto for three days.

You had better avail yourself of this opportunity.

This is an extremely well run company.

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Edward Bernays gives me the willies.

There weren't many passengers on the bus.

Brett saw Judge smiling at John.

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I've asked Alvin for a loan.

The grooms tend to the horses.

In Canada, you're not allowed to drink until you are 20.

I hired her.

He walked in front of me.

Living with you isn't easy.

Becky is his usual self today.

What's your favourite TV programme?

We are confronted with a difficult situation.

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"Are these cars yours?" "Yes they are."

Kit says he isn't willing to take any risks.

Patrice applied for asylum.

Like I said, no problem.

I have no money, so I eat only pasta.

We want to vote.

They meet once a week.


I may have been wrong about Sriram.


Kristi has braces on his teeth.


I'd hate to be in Claudia's shoes.

When you think things cannot possibly get worse, that's when I show up.

Where are we heading?

The kids were happy.

She is popular with other girls.

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I took care of Takao's cat.


For oral use.

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He's learning Chinese.

Are you productive?

You don't want me to be late for school, do you?

I'm driving to Boston tomorrow to visit Vladislav.

I have many discs.

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I took the trouble to write the answers to the comments.

Some comments are scary.

Don't put that on the table.

I pay her well.

Anita has nothing else to do.


I like my steak medium rare.

I didn't kill anybody!

I wish I could speak French half as well as you can.


At first there will be many unrecognized words and grammatical forms, but don't be scared.

It took her six years to get up the courage to tell him that she didn't like him anymore.

Dory often helps Hartmann do her homework.


He abandoned himself to his grief.

Ken easily cleared the fence.

In a mad world only the mad are sane.


The raw materials must be shipped in from abroad.

Eggs are getting more expensive.

I just realized that I'm quite ignorant about the world.


It is as clear to me as if it were yesterday.


Mr Basri loves his wife.

This screwdriver is too small to be any use.

Becky still can't speak French very well.

Ben acted out the scene of the waitress spilling soup in his lap.

It takes olympic strength to do this.

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The goat ate the food from my hand.


Meeks is in bed with a cold.

Do you miss not being on holiday?

Thank you for coming to my rescue.


His illness resulted from drinking too much.

London is such a large city that visitors must use buses and the underground railway to get about.

Set the table at once.

Which is your pen?

Many politicians were accused of corruption, voter fraud and theft of public money.


The dining room has two doors.

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You've got better things to do.


Have you finished reading the report?


She heard gunshots every night.


Had I known your telephone number, I would have called you.


We've located them.

Of soccer and rugby, I prefer the latter.

Gregory came before anyone else.

Darren wrote something on the blackboard.

I asked Takeuchi why he wanted to study French.

It's a normal phenomenon.

Everett refilled his glass.

Stacy needed some time to think things over.

Elijah told me that he thought the dress that Laurel was wearing was too short.

I think this is a great system.

Don't be afraid to go in your library and read every book.


You must convert dollars into the local currency.


During mating season many animals exude strong fragrances.

He gets on my nerves!

Granville accidentally stapled the fleshy part of his ear.

Does Ralf believe me?

She never talks bad about other people.

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This hat is too small for me.

No ensemble can convey a composer's intent more forcefully than an orchestra.

I'm not saying anything else.


Luther was scandalised by the sale of indulgences.

A mosquito just bit me.

Look at those cattle.

What are or will be the consequences?

I don't like to argue about politics.

I just picked three of these up in Boston.

Who is going to coordinate our activity if we don't do it for ourselves?

You're such a pack rat.

Did you know that he bought a condominium?

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That happens every day.

Could you make sure Rod remembers to bring a swimsuit?

You know I can't wait for you if you're late.

Hand it over. That's all you've got?

She had the wind of his true intentions.

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The party started soon after his arrival.

Ken has been to England before.

I have no objection to what you want to do.

It was rather boring.

Terri has been working as Allen's chauffeur for years.

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I guess they speak French.

I once found a book there.

Thierry Jackson was one of the names I recognized on that list.


I know you must be buried in your mountain of mails, but I wonder if I can hear from you regarding the mail I sent you last week?


The cat crouched down ready to jump.

The windows of my bedroom face the courtyard.

Give it a whirl.

Gregory tried to compose herself.

I suggest this would be a good time to take a break.