This is terrible.

The ship came from overseas.

Tomorrow's going to be a big day.

Nobody answered Mosur.

We need to decide today.

Pantelis doesn't know exactly how much it'll cost.

I've been sentenced to death.

"More coffee?" "No, I'm good."

It's a beautiful night, isn't it?


We need to do what we need to do.


Why should I care what you think?

We plan to put Morris in an all-boys school.

People at all levels are the essence of an organization and their full involvement enables their abilities to be used for the organization's benefit.

She likes wine.

Israel made her own wedding dress.

Larry Ewing doesn't answer me.

We should go this way.

I don't know how to do anything else.

You should've trusted me.

I can't leave them here.

Don't doubt the effectiveness of this medicine.


Our house is a beautiful, blue balloon.

Erick spent the whole morning with Clay.

I want to talk to her now.

Tomorrow, you are going to paint the fence.

He applied a tourniquet before slitting his wrists.

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My God, my God, why hast thou forsaken me?

I think it's better for us to adopt his plan.

I'm a bit down because a blogger friend of mine has decided to stop blogging.

How do I get to your office from Hioka Park?

We'll miss her.


This can lead to a catastrophic failure.


Turn on the gas.

I'm leaving because I don't want to keep standing around.

One must be an executive in some company.

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I didn't know I was going to have to introduce the main speaker.

I'm not working for them.

I don't hate him.

Hey you, boy, what is your name?

The dog that bit the child was caught soon after.

Do you know her name?

I profited from reading this book.


Those were happy times.

I have no idea whether or not List will come.

Paula was never convinced that John and Bradley were husband and wife.

My father has already given up smoking and drinking.

A boy having sold a cow at the fair at Hereford, was way-laid by a highwayman, who at a convenient place demanded the money; on this the boy took to his heels and ran away but being overtaken by the highwayman, who dismounted, he pulled the money out of his pocket and strewed it about, and while the highwayman was picking it up, the boy jumped upon the horse and rode home.


Which part do you choose?

The government asked the army to send a disaster relief mission to Okinawa.

Butler is convinced that the earth is flat.


To the query, "What is a friend?" his reply was "A single soul dwelling in two bodies."

Were you with them that night?

That flower is beautiful, but it doesn't turn into a fruit.


I lost my job on Monday.

Living with you isn't easy.

I've lost weight.

Barrio is diligent.

People who are allergic to pineapple, bananas, or latex are likely also to be allergic to kiwifruit.


I hope Ravi will come to see me.

Shean's still eating.

May I borrow your eraser?

I don't owe anyone anything.

I was alone, studying.

That's over.

We may find it necessary to leave early.

I'd really love a cold glass of milk.

Laurianne is starting to feel a little better.

The rights of children are universal.

I don't sow your wheat.


What is it you kids do?

Take off your jacket if you're warm.

You have to turn words into deeds.

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Don't look at her!

Olson didn't have much time so he just quickly scanned the report.

I've never had a traffic accident.

Please ask only one question at a time.

I don't want to fight Roland.

I hope you like traveling with me.

Put down your weapons.

Who said you could go home early?

We needed to add information about our products.


I know both of the girls.

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Your mother must have been very disappointed.

I fell asleep while reading a book.

He earns no less than three hundred dollars a day.

How long have you known Judy?

Did you lose your car keys?

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I can't call her at home.

The front brakes don't work.

That branch is affiliated to the miners' union.

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Beckie admitted he didn't do what we had asked him to do.


I'll explain it all to you later.

You should be careful.

Please be sure to let me know your new address soon.

When her boyfriend left, she took time to get over it.

Sanand is in the ski lodge.

What does Marika know about Algeria?

What if the problem is Robbin?

I can't be around smoke.

Drop by any time you are in town.

You can't let Charleen have his own way.

He's a student who I'm teaching English to this year.

Sally didn't exactly agree with Bill, but she supported him.

I read your letter with great pleasure.

We did our best to prepare Sanity for what was going to happen.

School starts at nine.

I'm glad I'm not like that.

You lack attitude.

I'm not really angry.

I want to be sure that there will be no problems.


I wore a coat lest I catch a cold.

The paper aeroplane slowly glided to the ground.

Moths are attracted by light.


Your new guitar sounds good.

My mother took my temperature.

Can you come up to my room and help me?


There's a new boy in school.

Are seats available?

It will soon grow dark.


I lie to him all time.

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Where's the fire?

They were hostile to any attempts at rapprochement.

My neck still hurts.

These walls aren't exactly soundproof.

I'd like to go to Paris now.


Did you bring me what you said you would?

I like him all the better for his faults.

Did you go in costume this year?

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That's not a museum.

I thought you stopped dating him.

Please give me two more of the red carnations.

Did you actually give Trevor money?

This music reminds me of that girl.

Tell us more about yourself.

Patricia's commissions often exceed his weekly salary.


It cost him 3000 yen to have his hair cut.

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When I went to the US, I gained weight.

Don't you think this computer game may be a little too difficult for Lenny?

I see no other course of action.

Ahmed didn't fool me.

The information was quite useless.

She felt restless all day long.

Does that tell you something?

Miltos seemed to take it personally.

Jeffie says he's too sick to get out of bed.

We study French.

I just borrowed it.

I think about it often.

It was believed that evil spirits would return to earth on the last day of the year.

Stanislaw knows all about them.

"Is there a doctor in the house?" "I am."

Tell Jan that I'm hungry.

They're going to hang him.

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I was just about to call 911.

Let people live peacefully!

I'm going to show you the photo.

Please let me know if I can provide you with any further information, or if you would like to contact me with any questions.

I bought a few books from the bookstore.


See if you can make my hair lie flat.

The government sends goods to that little island by helicopter.

She was a real ugly duckling as a kid.

I came back.

Bill was able to pass the exam.

Let me deal with this.

He was looked up to as their leader.

Where did you leave your suitcase?

Do you want eggs?

She got first prize in the eating contest.

You are running low on fuel.